The Valley (Part 2)

I couldn't leave Silver Sea without doing a few more shots (see Part 1 here). Must be the micro-climate there, but a sudden thaw let me break out Deadwool's shirts from Mens Dept and even the morning chill wasn't bad - so much snow melted that my makeshift Christmas tree from Breno fell over (as shown in the last pic). As I started the long hike out, I knew I'd be back in the Spring...

  • Sweater: XiajHikaru Sweater Xmas S (185l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, mesh) 
  • Pants: Deadwool - Jeans + belt blue V1  (Not Free, mesh)
  • Shoes: Lenox - Lenox Duck Boots (250l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, mesh, includes 8 colors & female sizing)
  • Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - Sousa (Not Free, Mesh, Texture Change)
  • Pose: Poseology - Evans 2 (120L at Mens Dept until Dec 31, includes 6 poses)

Location: Silver Sea

The Valley

Here are some photos done at Silver Sea, a great Sim to escape the Holiday bustle, filled with interesting nooks & crannies. I stuffed my backpack with enough outerwear for an extended stay, again all from Mens Dept, where you still have time before the end of 2013's last round. My avi also features the excellent Xmas gift skin from Belleza, which is actually one of three you can find in Belleza notices (Belleza group joiner fee of 250l). 

  • Sweater: XiajHikaru Sweater Nordic S (185l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, mesh) 
  • Skin: Belleza - Jacob Medium Xmas gift (Group Gift, includes multiple skins. Attn: 250l joiner fee) 
  • Shape: Peer - Taurus (previous hunt gift) 
  • Hair: Ink - MOAT Coal (Not Free, mesh)
  • Pose: Saal Body - Autumn Male Pose 1 (Not currently available)
    • Jacket/shirt: Gabriel - Knit duffel coat Black (280l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, mesh)
    • Pipe: EPIAMister Pipey (Group Gift, mesh)
    • Pose: Poseology - Evans 4 (120L at Mens Dept until Dec 31, includes 6 poses)

      Location: Silver Sea

      Warm in the City

      When you are out and about in the city it's good to stay warm. And this month's Mens Dept has lots of great outerwear to choose from, including K's Chesterfield jacket and Etham's nice texture-change jacket/sweater shown below. Pretty much all clothing in the post is from the latest MD round as well as the skin and hair from Clef de Peau and Ink. Mens Dept is always open, so take a break from your prowling and go check it out.

      • Jacket/sweater/shirt: Etham - Jack Coat Black M (249l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, mesh, includes texture change hud)
      • Pants: Aphorism - Men's Regular Jeans Light Blue M (200l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, mesh)
      • Shoes: Love Re Me - Boots#02 black (250l at Mens Dept until Dec 31, includes multiple styles)
      • Gloves: Gabriel- Leather Gloves (1l)
      • Skin: Clef de Peau - Ryan T4 Base (300l at Mens Dept until Dec 31)
      • Shape: Markel Shapes - Lukas (Availability unknown)
      • Hair/hairbase: Ink - Against Baige/buzz-cut Sideburn Bold Baige (120l at Mens Dept until Dec 30, mesh)
      • Pose (upper): Saal Body - Rock N Roll Forever Male Pose 2 (Previous Hunt Gift)
      • Pose (lower): Kikay - Model M4 (SL F&O Group Gift, includes 8 Poses)
      Location: Xcess Adventure

      Winter Paradisis

      Still waiting for Santa like in my previous post, but now I have my Winter Nerd outfit to keep me warm, a new release from Paradisis that you can get on sale at Winter Market for just 75l along with the great texture-change mesh leg warmers. My skin is a new release from Aimi and the shape is an almost-freebie teen shape from Aeva that I modded a lot. I also really like Lupoaica's mesh Vanessa hair from the Candy Cane hunt, which includes a fatpack of colors via the included hud.
      There are some other gifts in this post, notably the hat/hair from Room of AMO and Retro's crayon necklace, both of which are gifts for the SL F&O group (secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about).
      Winter Paradisis
      Dressed for a snowball fight
      Where Santa at?
      Yummy Snowballs
      • Hoodie/Shorts/Top: Paradisis - Winter's Nerd (New Release, mesh, 75l at Winter's Market)
      • Leg Warmers/Shoes: Paradisis - My Warmers Pastels (99l at Winter's Market, mesh, includes texture change hud)
      • Leg Pouch: Death Row Designs - Legpouch Female crazy candy (75l in Arcade Gacha, mesh)
      • Ear Muffs: Luas - Kawaii Earmuffs (Free at Jewelery Expo until Dec 21)
      • Floatie: Cubic Cherry - Fairy Baloon (Where is The Cherry Hunt #21 until Jan 4, mesh)
      • Hair: Lupoaica - Vanessa (5l, Candy Cane 5 Hunt #42 until Dec 31, mesh, includes texture change hud)
      • Tattoo: Sugar Button Boutique - I'm Yummy Tattoo (Free)
      • Face Stripes: Champloo - Mithra Tintable stripes (20l on MP, includes multiple versions)
      • Pose (upper): Wicca's Wardrobe - Angelette (POE #44 until Jan 6, includes 4 poses)
      • Pose (lower): Posesion - Default Woman 1 (Free, includes 10 poses)
      Me and Santa

      Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Candy Cane 5 - Invitation Only Hunt - POE 6 - Where is the Cherry Hunt

      Welcome Santa!

      Santa is coming soon and I can't wait. Everyday I meet some friends and scan the horizon, looking for those reindeer. I may even have a gift or two for him myself... 

      Of course, you don't have to wait for Santa on SL. I've been gathering gifts on my sled and I'm sure you have too. My sweater is free at the Rotten Defiance closing sale (sad to see them go), where you will find a box filled with all gifts going back to 2009. The skirt is a gift from Paradisis, part of a complete outfit that will be given out throughout the month. The cool Reindeer antler sneakers are an exclusive for the SLF&O group from Pacagaia Creations. Join the group (secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about) and check notices to find them.
      Santa Welcoming Committee
      • Sweater: Rotten Defiance - Shortie Sweater Snowflake (Free, includes applier)
      • Skirt: Paradisis - Girl of Christmas Skirt (Free, mesh)
      • Shoes: Pacagaia Creations - Knee High Sneaker Reindeer Antlers (SL Frees & Offers Group Gift in notices sent Dec 13 -  secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about)
      • Stockings: Pacagaia Creations - Cat Stockings White Solid (25l, includes multiple versions)
      • Leg Pouch: Death Row Designs - Legpouch Female crazy candy (75l in Arcade Gacha, mesh)
      • Pose: Mien Poses - Hi (Subscriber Gift, includes 3 poses and nails)
      I Bear Gifts

      Location: Dizza

      Bird in a tree with BSD

      BSD Design Studio's beautiful releases for Shoetopia are now available in store including the branched surreal shoes or the geometric supermodel release with their winged bows. Go visit the store and try some demos. Also the last day for the Black Event, where most items are only 10l including this corset from Aeva.

      Smile, Winter is coming

      I'm more of a Summer guy, but Winter does have its rewards. Bulky sweaters, hot chocolate, bracing walks in the park, long scarves and warming fires... that does sound quite nice, right?

      Here I've been indulging some of these Winter passions on the Onyx Isle sim, which is a sort of snowy wonderland with winding paths, a skating rink complete with hot chocolate stand and some great builds to thaw those winter chills.  

      Clothing and avi from Mens Dept - just a few days left in the November round - as well as some very nice gifts (see last pic).
      Bears on Ice
      I hate Winter (regards to 22769)
      Oh Deer
      Decor Items
      • Bench: Bauwerk - Lodge Bench Brown Cow (Not Free, mesh)
      • Chair: Vespertine - Vintage rounded armchair/wicker ver (Not Free, mesh)
      • Wall Art: Bauwerk - Oh Deer (undecorated) (Not Free, mesh)
      • Vase: Bauwerk - Steel Vase with Roses (Not Free, mesh)
      • Build: Pixel Mode - Willow Log Cabin (Not Free, mesh)
      Location: Onyx Isle

      Jazz Diva

      Think Billie, think Lena, think Ella... the current Singer Icon fair led to thoughts of the real Diva's that paved the way for so many of today's icons. Their timeless style and grace and incredible talent continues to inspire and they shouldn't be forgotten. 

      I've tried to recreate that jazz diva feeling with ArisAris's new exuberant dress and BSD Design Studio's surreal abstract shoes from Shoetopia. My look is completed with a new shape from Baholi (all of Baholi's shapes are divas!) plus the latest gift skin from Deeesses and hair from Ploom.

      Also featuring Lover Man Ravi on piano and modeling some great new releases available at Mens Dept until the end of the month.

      • Dress/gloves: ArisAris - Exuberant Gown S (New Release, mesh, includes applier)
      • Shoes: BSD Design Studio - Surreal Abstract (Shoetopia Release) 
      • Pose: Pose+ivity - Ryah6 (100l for 6 poses)
      • Necklace: Pure Poison - Lumia Necklace (55l Sale Price for a limited time)
      • Earrings: Pure Poison - Gold Etany Earrings (Check with store owner for availability)
      • Ring (right): Lavender Esme - Spiked Ring gold (availability unknown)
      • Ring (left): NaNa Jewelery - Gang Ring (SL Frees & Offers Group Gift in notices send Nov 24 -  secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about)
      • Jacket/sweater: Etham - Mateo Coat Black M (199l at Mens Dept until Nov 30, mesh, Texture Change)
      • Pants: (Red) Sand - Mr perfect Classy Pants M (Not Free, mesh. Previously Blogged here)
      • Necklace: Hawker's House - OhmEga Mesh Men's Angled Necklace Onyx (Previous Hunt Gift)
      • Ring: ieQED - realize.ring.rose.left (125l at Mens Dept until Nov 30, mesh)  
      • Hat: Havok - NE-YO Fedora Tilted Stripes (Availability unknown)
      • Skin: Cashmere & Keane - Darius Light clean (Availability unknown)
      • Shape: (Red)sand - The RAAF (Not Free, included with Raaf skin)
      • Facial Hair - Hot Dive - expansion beard0-1b (Not Free)
      • Pose: End of Daze (included in piano chair)

      Vroom, Vroom

      Have you been to Rockabilly Fair yet? Such a cute event with little 50s style houses set up on suburban streets. My clothing here from American Bazaar and Mirrors Enigma are new releases for Rockabilly. Don't miss it before the event fades away like Buddy Holly on the 23rd.

      If I could have rezzed at rockabilly, I would have taken Bauwerk's Vroom sofa for a spin there. Instead it gives a lil 50s flair to my living room as I wait for my Peggy Sue. The sofa and many other great items are available in the November Mens Dept round...
      Vroom, Vroom
      Pit Stop
      Go Boy Go
      • Sweater/Shirt: Mirrors Enigma - V-Neck Sweater w/ Polo Black (Rockabilly Fair Release, Mesh, Texture Change)
      • Pants: American Bazaar - Rocka Trouser M Black Plaid (Rockabilly Fair Release, Mesh)
      • Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - Sousa (Not Free, Mesh, Texture Change)
      • Pose: Diesel Works - M3 (Previous Hunt Gift)

      Decor Items


      The belladonna is a dangerous plant, extremely poisonous in small doses. It's berries are attractive and sweet, but generally lethal. I'm not really dangerous, but I do quite like Immerse's mesh belladonna dress found at this month's Designer Showcase with it's dramatic flow and autumnal colors. Visit the round for more great items from top designers.

      My avi is wearing an excellent shape from Anna Shapes (paired with a previous gift from Belleza), available for another day or two at Designer Circle, and lovely gift hair from Rumina.
      Immerse 1
      • Dress: Immerse - Belladonna Autumn S (200l at Designer Showcase until Nov 30, Mesh)
      • Necklace: Pure Poison - Folium Necklace (Group Gift. Attn: 100L join fee)
      • Pose (upper): Pose+ivity - Justice 2 (100l for 6 poses)
      • Pose (lower): Kikay - Dyosa 7 (Not currently available in store)
      Immerse 2

      Location: Zia Johnsky

      Happy Halloween

      You never know who you'll meet in the misty backwoods of a forgotten swamp...

      Dress by Immateria (get it now on sale) and Avi and accessories mostly from the Horrorfest hunt.

      Clothing & Accessories
      • Skin: Riel - NS Hemlock Pale 05 (Horrorfest Hunt #62 until Nov 8, includes 3 skins)
      • Shape: HollyHood - Body Shape 1.0 (included with Ferreh skin group gift)
      • Hair: Faster Pussycat - Courtesane BlackBird (Horrorfest Hunt #33 until Nov 8, also includes makeup)
      • Eyes: Matte - Catty (Horrorfest Hunt #45 until Nov 8, also includes makeup & nails) 
      • Nails/Rings: Chandelle - Nails RR black (previous dollarbie)
      • Makeup: Squeek - The last minute costume set dark (Horrorfest Hunt #55 until Nov 8, includes 3 makeup tats)
      • Pose: Axix - Aria 2 (20l)
      Location: MysteryLand

      Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Horrorfest Hunt

      Hotel Suite

      The Bitacora Travel Fair takes you on a journey to the four corners of the world, but one thing about traveling is that you need a place to stay. BSD Design Studio has got you covered with their imagining of a boutique hotel suite for relaxing after a hard day of sightseeing or shopping. The build and its furnishings and various decor items, including some excellent chairs with great poses, are available at the fair in BSD's gacha (75l per play). You still have two days to visit Travel Fair, so don't miss it.

      And since staying at a beautiful boutique hotel in some foreign locale practically demands a little dress up, here are some fashion shots featuring ArisAris, 22769, BSD shoes and a great hunt gift from Sakide.
      • Sideboard: Apple Fall - Cinema Sideboard (City) 1 (Previous Group Gift, Mesh)
      • Poster: Melu Deco - Train Posters Crossing (Not Free)
      • Objets d'art: Bauwerk - Vintage Plane Figurette (50l, Mesh, includes 2 versions & magazines)
      • Hotel Suite/Furniture/Lamps/Decor Items: BSD Design Studio - Boutique Hotel set (75L per play in Gacha at Travel Fair until Oct 31)
      • Television/ Speakers: End of Daze - Flat Screen black (Newish release, Mesh)
      • Pumpkin: LW - Scary Pumpkin (99l on MP, Mesh)
      • Chair: Bauwerk - Leather Armchair Red (150l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, Mesh, includes side table)
      • Wall Art: Floorplan - Moustache Marquee (199L at Mens Dept until Oct 31, Mesh, Texture Change)
      • Dress: Sakide - Monochrome Dress XS (Horrorfest Hunt #53 until Nov 8, Mesh, texture change)
      • Shoes: BSD Design Studio - Stiletto love cherry (250l at SL Fashion Week until Oct 31, Mesh)
      • Pose: Exposeur - Singles Special 12 1 (Not Currently Available)
       Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Horrorfest Hunt

      The Well-Dressed Man...

      Every Mens Dept round makes me feel well-dressed and this one is no exception. From the amazing Just Cool jacket that can be modified right down to the buttons with the included hud, to the stylishly casual Etham sweater/shirt, which also has texture-change options for the T-shirt and scarf, Mens Dept should be your 1st stop every month for looking good (see my post here for more items from this round). Not to forget the Monso hair and Sorgo glasses - I think you know where to find them - which will add some rakish charm to any look.

      Other items shown below include decor pieces found this month at Mens Dept - the marquee by Seven is texture change as well and quite useful when you need to get your message out - and I also quite like (Red)Sand's texture change "Classy" pants. The Divalicious skin is a great deal too: only 99l for a few more days at SYSP and includes various tones, beards and a shape. 
      • Marquee/Letters: Seven - Portable Marquee (250l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, MESH, Texture Change. Letters cost extra)
      • Chair/Rug: Culprit - Leather Wingback Chair/Shag Rug Rose (300l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, MESH. Rug costs extra)
      • Wall Art: Cheeky Pea - Driftwood Silhouettes Bigfoot (150l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, MESH)
      • Sidetable Lamp: Trompe Loeil - Glass Endtable Lamp (25l in Gacha)
      • Ashtray/cigars: Second Spaces - Ezra Ashtray (125l, MESH)
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