Essences Closing Sale

I hate making these types of announcements, especially since I'm a fan of Essences skins and have blogged them many times before. But Inka Mexicola has decided she needs a break and will close Essences, possibly as early as tonight. All clothing and select male skins are marked down to 10l, female skins are 25l.

Update: Female skins & shapes have now been removed from the store.

Update Sep 10: Essences has been closed for a while and I've been on hiatus. Hope to be back to blogging in a few weeks when RL permits.

  • Pants: Tuttifrutti - Platinum Plus Unisex Low Jeans (10l, Platinum Hunt 2 #65, gift also includes pose pack. Hint: "my, aren't those windows dirty")
  • Jacket: SZD - Deathless Jacket (Ocio Xtreme Hunt #59, gift also includes shirt, jeans, piercings & complete female outfit. Hunt group join required for gift. Hint: "Sometimes you need a 2nd delivery")
  • Shoes: Gabriel - Leather Bootie Brown (Group gift also includes 2nd pair in black)
  • Necklace: bellballs - Disc Charm Necklace Zeebra (free, includes matching earrings)
  • Glasses: Essences - Round glasses (10l)
  • Bag: Bukka - Leather Bag (subscriber gift)
  • Whip: Boof - Indiana Jones Whip (1l, FTLO Hunt #26 , gift also includes bag, hat, misc items. Hint provided in store) 
  • Hat/Hair: Amacci - Howie Hair Onyx (MHOH6 #99, texture change and removable hat, gift also includes attachable ponytail)
  • Skin: Essences - Diego Skin 4 (10l)
  • Shape: Essences - Bruno Shape (10l)
  • Pose Left: Marukin - Moya Muna (1l for two poses)
  • Pose Right: Graph - Pose 2 (30l for pose pack)

Night Rider

A weekend look for the more adventurously inclined, featuring some items from the Wild One Hunt (ending August 15th), Platinum Hunt 2 (ending August 31st) and assorted other goodies.

  • Jacket: Shadow Moon - Skull Jacket (The Wild One Hunt #23 available until August 15th, gift also includes male jeans, boots & complete female outfit. Hint: "Stairway to Heaven")
  • Shirt: Zipper - NetTank 1 (MHOH6 #131, gift also includes multiple pants options & thong. Hint: "Visors help you to see")
  • Shorts: Perky Berry - Cutoff Denim Shorts Faded (I Love the 80s Hunt #1, gift also includes a female top)
  • Hat, Boots, Sunglasses, Belt Studs: Living Canvas - Biker Boots & Buckle Leather Hat (The Wild One Hunt #30 available until August 15th, gift also includes complete outfit- Hint: First follow the beacon to the smaller store..."Don't be afraid to make hay")
  • Chaps: Yasum Designs - Yasum Leather Chaps (Part of complete outfit, not free)
  • Knife: Opium - Opium Citizen Band Leg & Knife (group gift)
  • Face Tattoo: Bodyshot - Star Face Tattoo (former freebie)
  • Motorcycle: MG Designs - MG Designs Evolution Streetfighter (The Wild One Hunt #25 available until August 15th, gift also includes male & female outfit)
  • Poses: Dare - A Whole World on My Shoulders, Ba Da Bing (no longer available)
  • Finger Gloves: Zipper - NetTank 1 (MHOH6 #131, gift also includes multiple pants options & thong)
  • Bracelets: Aidoru - Dark Side Cuffs (MHOH6 #19)
  • Necklace: Milk Hall - R+a Necklace onyx a (2l, includes female sizing)
  • Eyeliner: Boom - Scissor Me Timbers (Store Hunt Gift includes complete make-up pack, available only today)
  • HairRaw House - Urban Savage 2 (10l, Platinum Hunt 2 #102, gift also includes a female hair)
  • SkinTableau Vivant - Vincent Platinum B (10l, Platinum Hunt 2 #3)
  • ShapeShapes By Gia Tyles - Sam Shape (MHOH6 #100)
  • Pose: Boom - Boom Girl 1 (Store Hunt gift, available only today)
  • Background: PNP

Little Beach Huts

The Summer is flying by and the closest I ever seem to get to the beach is when I'm blogging about it. Spiders Design's little beach huts gave me an excuse to get out my virtual bathing suit and take some photos. This is really a very special group gift, full of great animations, but it's only available through August 10th. So get the beach bus today and you'll be changing in style.


Samba Metal

After a hard day at Trax, I like to get comfortable, pop an 8-track and work on my musical project. Without giving away all the details, let's say it's a disco/samba inflected exploration of the funky side of classic metal hits from bands like the Crue. I'm sure Vince Neil would approve.

Note: Last day for Poupee Hunt. And don't miss the Karaoke hunt gift from Post. The speaker is a functioning parcel radio and the detailing in their furniture sets is always amazing.




Ah the 80s. Madonna, New Wave, spiky hair and Don Johnson...

Here I am working at Trax (of Pretty in Pink fame). We're not doing much business these days (damn you Apple), but it's a great place for slacking off.

Note: Brigette Benelli of Framed did an awesome job recreating this record store and it's free in the I love the 80s hunt. Go get it, play some Wham or Psychedelic Furs and be transported back in time. 



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