Recommended freebies

These stores always have lots of freebies (some mostly for women though) ready for the taking.

  • Depraved Depot - Around 40 free gifts from the Depraved group stores (gifts posted here). 
  • Fab Free - A little bit of everything from top designers. Should be one of your first stops for freebies.
  • Free*Style Store - Freebies and good deals from some excellent designers in a store organized by the Free*Style blog.
  • GizzA Creations - Large selection of  group gifts
  • Guarded Cross - Many band and logo T-shirts
  • Kasa - Large selection of free glasses from a Japanese creator 
  • KMADD - Freebie wall
  • Lapointe & Bastchild - Entire store of free goth fashion items
  • MENstuff Lounge - Permanent selection of quality freebies from the MENstuff group (50l join fee). For women, the Womenstuff gifts are at the same location.
  • Sey - Big selection of free quality items in separate store
  • Shiki - All group gifts dating back to 2009
  • The Free Dove - a mix from various designers with some decent freebies
  • Violet Mafia - the Violet Mafia's HQ filled with gifts (all for women I think) from a multitude of stores
  • Yasum Designs - Lots of free skins & role play outfits for men & women in two areas of the store. Take teleporter to the "Bargain & Freebie" section and the "freebie" section.

Decent Free AOs: Tuty's Male Lover

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