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Kusshon's It's a Man's World Screen, available at Mens Dept through today (after in store), makes a nice vintage decor item and was fun to use as a backdrop for some retro style photos. My friend Sidney Bluestar of Sup Poses got inspired and made some pin-up type poses to go with the screen, now available for sale in her store with a prop of her design.

Lots of events ending today or this weekend such as Mens Dept, The Arcade, Skin Fair, Whore Couture and various hunts. For the women, note the excellent shape from PixyStix, which is a hunt gift available through today.  Also go visit new hair store Due, where you will find a fatpack of the mesh "Lily" hair completely free.
Tahiti Tempo

Divorce Bait
  • Pose (upper left): Sup Poses - Breezey (New Release, includes screen pose prop & 6 poses)
  • Pose (upper right): Glitterati - Shutter 5 (50l sale price, includes 5 poses and pose prop)
  • Pose (lower): Ma Vie - Revealed 10 (Not Free)
Pinup Dreams
A Vision
Two Tone
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Two Bears

When I saw that Naminoke was offering a Mesh avi in the Spring is Near Hunt I rushed out to get it. The avi is like a large stuffed doll, held together by rough seams and features a side pocket for carrying a cub. With it's mixture of man and beast it manages to be both cute and odd, but definitely striking.

Wearing it, I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood authors, Maurice Sendak, because it makes you feel like one of the wild things. I mentioned this to my friend Sidney Bluestar of Sup Poses and she was happy to oblige me with two custom Sendak inspired poses that perfectly captured how I felt in Naminoke's nuigurumar. Check out her store for cool poses at great prices.

Spring is Near is taking place in and around the Acid Lily gallery and has a number of nice gifts (5l for this hunt) that can be seen on the hunt website.
Bears in Arms
  • Complete Avi: Naminoke - Nuigurumar (5l, Spring is Near Hunt #4 until April 9th, MESH, includes female shape)
  • Wall Decal: Dazzling Designs - Tree Decal (75l on Marketplace, includes 3 textures)
  • Poses: Sup Poses - Bear 1, Bear 2 (Custom Poses not currently available for sale)
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Bang A Drum

It's almost spring and love is in the air, or maybe not cause it doesn't feel like spring where I am. But with this endless winter drawing to a close it's time to make some noise - and that's what I'm doing thanks to Balaclava's cool drums that you can pick up at the Arcade (75l per play). For those who don't want to try their hand at the Arcade (or are afraid of blowing all their lindens), yard sales are a good alternative. Two well-organized gacha sales I know about can be found here or here.

The Energy Club has been making noise for three years now and to celebrate they have a mess of group gifts out. That's where I got this excellent mesh outfit from D-Style (matching gift for women) as well as the couch from End of Daze (2nd pic), which I previously blogged but now you can get it free. Go check out the club and grab some gifts while you are there.

Also making noise is LaVie. The skin here is a recent group gift (unfortunately no longer available), but I'm told LaVie has a number of projects in the works including new skin releases, group gifts and perhaps a hunt or two. They have recently reopened in a revamped urban style shopping area with a number of top shops. Good to see they are back and bustling again.
Banging the Drum for Love
Dream Boss
Dream Boss
  • Shirt: JLB Apparel - Pop Fashion T-Shirt Brown Man Up Medium (Avenue Magazine Group Gift, MESH)
  • Pants: LV - Skinny Pants white/black M (Previously at Mens Dept, MESH)
  • Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Gold Heart Key Short (Energy Club Anniversary Gift,  MESH, Unisex, includes multiple versions)
  • Hat: Avoid - Snapback BOSS Black Leopard (150L at Mens Dept until Mar 31, MESH)
  • Skin: LaVie - Massimo Goatie2 Pale (Previous Group Gift)
  • Shape: Entropy - Kane Shape (100L at Mens Dept until Mar 31)
  • Hair: Uw. St - Prince Black (150L at Mens Dept until Mar 31)
  • Facial Hair: Nivaro - Tonespatch Dark (Moolto Hunt Gift until Mar 31, includes multiple beards) 
  • Pose: Exposeur - Advent Gift 9 Mirror (Previous Gift, now available for purchase)
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Bunny Hop

Another photo featuring some of the excellent gifts from the Nest's Easter Egg hunt (see Pt. 1 here). I may overdose on cuteness soon, but these items are really hard to resist - especially Cheaky Pea's over-sized Mr. Whiskers tea set (includes cups in a range of colors) and the decorative wall plates from Cleo Design (there is an additional set not shown).

I have a few more photos in the works with more decor and this great shape from Entropy (on sale at Mens Dept), but for now, in the words of the immortal BB, That's All Folks...
Bunny Hop
Four Bunnies

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The Nest's annual Easter Egg hunt started today and there are some wonderful gifts to be had from select stores on SL's leading home & decor shopping sim. The eggs are hidden throughout the sim, on rooftops and in attics, or scattered in the fields, but they are easily found and there are many of them - most of the participants have put out multiple gifts.

My favorite has to be the incredibly cute "Eggie" set of mesh figurines from What Next, which range from the dapper Mister Egg to a Geek in goggle glasses or moody Little Miss Monday, who perfectly expresses the Monday-morning blues (there are actually 6 figures to be found - I'll be going back for my missing egg).

I'll have more on the avi I'm using here in a later post (and more decor as well), but a few eggs seemed a good way to kick off a Saturday morning.
I am the Eggman
A half dozen
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Lavender Encore + 2 more

I love Breno's chair from the Lavender hunt so much that it deserved an encore, don't you think? See Part 1 for more pictures from this hunt and gift previews/hints can also be found on the hunt website

My models are the same as last time. The female is a very nice combination of a shape from Shape It Up! found at the Free*Style store for just 10l and a gift skin from Deesse's. The male is the same Kirk skin recently released from Essences - it's so nice I haven't wanted to take it off- here combined with Step Inside's shape from the SYSP anniversary hunt.

I'm also showing two outfits from 22769 to round out the post. I don't know how they do it but their designs always look great on the blog. The male shirt can be found at Mens Dept, where the March collection launched earlier this week. The female is on sale at Gallery Gift Shop for just a few more days. Have a nice weekend everyone!
Purple Bunnehs
Lavender Diva
  • Wall Art: Trompe L'oeil - Frame Square Art (Subscriber Gift, MESH, includes various images. Join the subscriber to get gift)
Mr Pug
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Lavender Dreams

Monochrome Hunts is back with their latest color-themed hunt, the Lavender Hill Hunt, and like usual there is a nice mix of fashion & decor items to be had. I'm somewhat tardy showing the gifts - the hunt officially ends on Mar 10 - but you still have time to get the things you want (note gifts cost 5l). Check the hunt blog for previews of most of the items.

Some of my favorite furniture gifts include [Circa's] coffee table and pouf set. The coffee table comes in two versions and contains a fascinating miniature garden with butterflies. Breno's bunny chair will also make you smile and is perfect for the season. On the fashion side, Epicosity's Mesh suit is a must for men and Immerse has a lovely purple Mesh dress that pairs perfectly with the necklace gift from Sigma Jewels.

Two of the poses used in the post are new releases from Sup Poses, a relatively new pose store with great prices. Add them to your pose store list and check them in world or on MP.
Lavender Dream

  • Pose (right): Sup Poses - Bashful Me 4 (New Release, 40l for 4 poses) 
Lavender Immersed
  • Dress: Immerse - Immerse Cami Lavander M (5l, Monochrome Hunt Gift until March 10, MESH)
  • Necklace: SIGMA Jewels - Deco necklace purple chest (5l, Monochrome Hunt Gift until March 10)
  • Bracelet: Lillou's Designs - Cyclamen Bangles (Moolto Hunt Gift until Mar 31, includes complete outfit)
  • Shoes: Just Pale - Stardust Boots (Free, Store Opening gift includes complete outfit)
  • Leggings: [bubble] - Purple Leggings (Previous Hunt Gift)
  • Hair: elikatira - Sound Brown 08 (84l sale price for color pack, MESH)
  • Lipstick/Eyeshadow: Adore & Abhor (5l, Monochrome Hunt Gift until March 10)
  • Skin: Deesse's Skins - Julie (Group Gift. Attn: 50l Joiner Fee)
  • Shape: Shape It Up! - Ricci (10l at Free*Style store)
  • Pose: Diva & Morphine Poses - Diva Store 3 (Free)
  • Cans: Commoner - Brash Cans (50l per play at Arcade Gatcha Event until Mar 31)
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