Weekend winding down

A few snapshots to close out the weekend of bargain hunting. 

Sweater: 129129 - 048 Cardigan Star (lucky chair gift)

Pants: Whippet & Buck - Andrew Trousers- Gravel (50l Friday sale for two trousers, sale price still available at time of publication)

Shirt: Shiki Designs - Sleeveless shirt white (old group gift, still available)

Shoes: Adjunct - Leather slip-on black (old sale item, not free) 

Pose: Estetica - Homme aux poches vides (not free)

Hat: Theosophy - Oakford Hat Summer Melon (modded, previous sale item, not free. 50% off store sale now underway)

Necklace: Tee*fy - Bangle necklace (1l)

Glasses: Cobrahive - Glasses V2 (99l)

Skin: B[elle]issima - Galen skin medium ClnEmo (Group gift available in notices until tonight. This is a variation of Bellissima's MENstuff2 gift. 10l joiner fee)

And a shot of the cool build from Doremi (on sale for La Venta Eventa) used as a backdrop for the photos.

Build: Doremi - Rezzie's Rustic boathouse wooden roof (75l with three roof options in La Venta Eventa)

Photo frames: Kari - Komrad hud (not free)

Rotten Defiance

Rotten Defiance has started a mega weekend sale through Sunday night with nearly the entire store marked down to 25l. Lots of cool stuff to loosen the purse strings...

Complete outfit: Rotten Defiance - Male Marionette (25l)

Sneakers: LiNe - Comfort sneakers black (not free)

Skin: JP:DSG - Javis Male/ K.O. (group gift)

Hair: booN - NMR 122 hair blueblack (group gift)

Pose: Creative Insanity - Puppetpose (free)

...and if spending lindens has you strung out, look for the free gifts in the little skulls throughout the store.

Shirt: Rotten Defiance - Black Plaid Shirt (25L)

Pants: Rotten Defiance - Heroin addict pants (25l, includes tank top and drug paraphernalia)

Pose: City of Dis - Tao 2 (old gift from the Stash Bash 2 hunt)

Summer Festa

Summer is underway and so is the SGB Summer Festa. Lots of good freebies and bargains available here through June 30. Here is how it works: join the SGB group via the group joiner at the entrance then click the ticket dispenser and attach the ticket hud as shown in the picture below.

Oh and dress for the beach (i.e. for lag). There were 60 avis on the sim when I visited. Kinda like Coney Island on a hot summer day....

Top & Right (all found at SGB unless noted below):

Shirt: Pivaaca - Stripe Shirt Blue (free, gift includes two other colors)

Bathing Suit: Vitamen - Bicolor swim squarecut (69l)

Scarf: Nerd Project - Scarf ribbon type blue (free)

Hat: Maknie - Summer Vacation hat (free)

Piercing: Kumaki Glasses - Fishing rod pierce (free)

Earring: Silvery K - Blue diamond pierce (free)

Surfboard: iStyle - (free)

Skin: Essences - David 2 Skin 7 (group gift)

Glasses: Alphavillian - Sinner Man sunglasses (40l gatcha) 

Shoes: Lemon Ginger - Slipon lime navy (3l gatcha)


Tank Top: Halcali - Zebra tank-top SGB limited (1l)

Skybox: Sky Sea box (free)

The skin I'm in

Essences has a couple of great skins on sale that you don't want to miss. I already blogged their Maverick skin, still available for 70l, and they are now offering a Bruno skin twofer (with and without hair) for the amazing price of 10l. And for an extra 10l you can get a shape to go with it. These may not be around for long so don't hesitate.

Tank Top: LoveCats - Menstuff Hunt Tank - MENstuff #103 (gift also includes cargo shorts, shoes and wrist bands)

Briefs: Mirco Dinzeo - Brief Leather-Cotton Mix Pride Edition - MENstuff #101 (gift also includes a tank top)

Shoes: Raw House - Jays Shoes (70l at the Fashion Garret)

Bracelet: Kosh - Black Shag Bands (1l)

Necklace: Sorry Asia - Secret Keys Necklace (Let Them Eat Cake Hunt gift, available through June 30)

Skin: Essences - Bruno Skin 1H (10l for two skins)

T-Shirt & Boxer: No.07 - Circus Set (free)

Shoes: A.M.K.R. - PU-T1N sandals (free, includes complete outfit)

Glasses: Boon - SMP glasses black (20l for three colors)

Skin: Essences - Bruno Skin 1H (10l for two skins)

Note: Originally published June 12, 2011

It's MENstuff Time

Five different looks, mostly from MENstuff.

Rock & Roll
Jeans, Belt, Bandana, Badges: ((Crank)) - Overalls Die - MENstuff #143 (outfit also includes overall top)

T-Shirt: Somapop - Ramones Teeshirt - MENstuff #64 (outfit also includes jeans and tattoo)

Glasses: Philo - Men's sunglasses - MENstuff #140

Bracelet: Sole - Comp leather bracelet (old group gift already blogged)

Skin: Faces Studios - Hamaki Clean - (MENstuff lounge gift)

Hair: Bad@zz - Fusion Black w/ Blond- MENstuff #137

Pose: Poise - MENstuff #27 (gift includes six poses)

Sweater: Havok - Hard Knock Cardigan - MENstuff #36 (outfit also includes formal shirt)

Shirt: Shiki Designs- Hawaiian Shirt Oahu Tropics - MENstuff #14

Shorts & Belt: Rfyre - Ete Noir Black Baggy Shorts - MENstuff #29 (gift also includes a tattoo)

Shoes: Bedlam - Nerds sneakers (group gift, check notices)

Skin: Essences - Maverick Skin - (70l)

Hair: Urban December - September Brown - MENstuff #95

Pose: Poise - MENstuff #27 (gift includes six poses)

Geek Chic

Shirt: B[ELLE]issima - Geek Muscle Tee - MENstuff #102 (gift also includes shorts, skin & shape)

Briefs: Atlantic Crew- The Force Boxers - MENstuff #81

Shoes: Duh! - Brown Hush Puppies - MENstuff #28

Glasses: BND - Nerdz glasses (5L)

Bracelet: Dark Water Designs - Leather Laced Wristband - MENstuff #65 (gift also includes pants & vest)

Piercing: Acide - Men Stuff Piercing - MENstuff #54

Bag: FIR & MNA - The MENstuff Duffle Bag - MENstuff #07

Skin: Vero Modero - Paul Skin 4 - (new group gift)

Hair & Hairbase: Jaryth's Barber Shop - Clipper Cut Sebastian Brown - MENstuff #12 (fatpack of 7 colors and 8 hairbases)

Pose: Luba - Look Here (Men's Fashion Week fatpack)

Leather Jacket: Lotus Noir - Coat Cuir Homme - MENstuff #83 (outfit also includes pants & shirt)

Shorts, T-Shirt & Belt: Legal Insanity - Badass outfit - MENstuff #107

Shoes: Adjunct - Night Walker Hi-Tops - MENstuff #08 (note the texture change laces)

Skin: B[ELLE]issima - Galen Skin - MENstuff #102 (gift also includes T-shirt, shorts & shape)

Hair: EMO-Tions - Rick Black - MENstuff #09 (gift also includes blond hair)

Pose: Poise - MENstuff #27 (gift includes six poses)

Fire Island
Complete outfit: Vitamen - MENstuff Cat Bikini & Floaters- MENstuff #15

Skin: Essences - Maverick Skin - (70l)

Hair & Hairbase: Jaryth's Barber Shop - Clipper Cut Sebastian Brown - MENstuff #12 (fatpack of 7 colors and 8 hairbases)

Wading Pool: Pinky Toast - Cool Off Pool Yellow/Blue (20L at Albero Spring Gatcha Festival)

Pose: Estetica - Just a Guy (99l for 10 pose fatpack)

Note: Originally published June 4, 2011

Keep on truckin'

We've been hauling ass to bring you the deals.

Head over to The Wash for the Back of the Truck Sale, where some great bargains can be found on the broken down trucks spread around the sim, now through June 15th (they are still setting up so worth checking back). And don't miss the amazingly detailed Adam skin in the new midnight mania board at FACES Studios. The owner tells me he won't keep the board for long, so time you got moving.

Location: Somewhere on the side of the road

Note: Originally published June 1, 2011

Lounging around

The mega MENstuff hunt kicks off in only a few days and I need to conserve my strength. Thanks to the MENstuff lounge, I can look good while doing so.

Sweater: VM - VM Gregoire gray cardigan (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Pants: CW Male - Khaki Shorts (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Shoes: CW Male - Men's brown oxford (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Hat: CW Male - Brown Suede Fedora (MENstuff Lounge gift)

T-Shirt: American Bazaar - Smexy black tank (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Chair: True Love Never Dies - Chaise Longue (not free)

Tuxedo, Shirt & Shoes: SF Design - Shawl Collared Tux (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Glasses: AoD - Sunglasses Acid Burn Green (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Pipe: Adjunct - Argyle Bubble Pipe (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Hair: Emo-tions - Jack-Black (MENstuff Lounge gift)

Chair: True Love Never Dies - Chaise Longue (not free)

Note: Originally published May 30, 2011


When the boss says to go to the mattresses you don't start cracking wise. I just had the time to grab some essentials: my favorite leather jacket, pajama pants, Latreia sneakers...and my glock.

Jacket: Luna:::Sabia - Leather Jacket (50l)

Tank Top: Sf Design - Plain White Muscle T (previous Monday Mania sale item)

Pants: Static Clothing Co. - Pyjama Pants (Summer Nights Hunt #4, free until June 3rd)

Hat: {theosophy} - Waterbeck Hat, Ink (not free)

Glasses: B&G - Gafas CK003 - Negro (old gift from ISSD Birthday Hunt, previously blogged)

Shoes: Latreia - Kicks Bl/Wh (store promotion, see note at end of post)

Skin: diavolicious - Summer Male Skin (Summer Nights Hunt #32, free until June 3rd)

Skybox: Tampon Inside- Urban Skybox (1l on marketplace)

After a week of pizza and pinochle in a stinking rat hole, we got the all clear. I badly needed a shave and some fresh air, but it ain't easy shaving with a clogged sink and a Contadina can for a mirror.

Watch: Kurenai Mode - LF-Shock Wristwatch (Free)

Shaving animation: X-Clusives Animations - Guy Shaving (His Style Hunt #2, free until May 31)

Cleaned up, I threw on some new threads and stepped onto the Asbury Park boardwalk... You'll forget I said that if you know what's good for ya... It felt freaking great to be alive, but I wasn't taking any chances.

Shirt: Shiki Designs - Hawaiian Shirt- Kauai (May group gift)

Pants & Hat: Ydea - Mel (Free, complete outfit also includes a shirt)

Shoes: Latreia - Emo TChanger (not free, see note at end of post)

Glasses: Role Optic - Jerry (free)

Other: Glock Leg holster (marketplace item)

Note: Latreia owner Hera Aviatik tells me she likes to give stuff away. And she is doing just that now until June 5th to mark the opening of her casual footwear store. Go to Latreia, pick anything in the store (with the exception of a few items, such as the texture changers) drop an NC in the store mail box with your selection and avi name and she will deliver a free pair of shoes to you.

Note: Originally published May 24, 2011

Sunday Best

Sunday is a day for looking your best and Black Cat Bones is here to help. With their recent store move, BCB marked a number of items down to zero, including the F.T.W. for men (and some women's outfits). In an exclusive for Fashion + Freebies, store owner Voodoo Xue has just extended the freebie promotion through midnight today.

The F.T.W. includes two variations on the shirt, pants and kilt, plus a handy tool belt with hatchet, useful for getting things done around the house.

Entire Outfit: Black Cat Bones - F.T.W. (Free only for today)

Hair: Dura- April group gift (black)

BCB also has a bunch of hunt gifts out. Shown below is the Butcher from the Macabre Hunt, complete with mask, apron and machete, available through June 4.

Entire Outfit: Black Cat Bones - The Butcher (Macabre Hunt gift, available till June 4th)

Hair: Dura- April group gift (black)

Note: Voodoo Xue tells me that his Zombie Killer Hunt gifts at BCB and his Random Atrocities store both include outfits for men.

Note: Originally published May 22, 2011

Get the red out

It's been a brutal day in the office and your boss has you seeing red, so take off that tie, show some skin and start the weekend with a bang.


Shirt & Vest (includes color/texture change prim tie and collar): Young Urban - Roylan Vest (50l today only for 50l Friday)

Glasses: Magi Take - plain glasses black (10l)

Hair: Chichikie - Christopher (not free)


Red Suit: cero style (dare2bare hunt gift, available through May 31)

Shirt: Ginger's Goodies - sexy fishnet top (dare2bare hunt gift, available through May 31)

Glasses: Carina - Megane Mayo 06 (old lucky chair item, price unknown)

Necklace: grasp - Skull necklace (group gift, Attention: joiner fee)

Hat: Kari - Rude Boy Hat (50l)

And why not stick with the theme while relaxing on Saturday. Go check out new men's store happyend and pick up their Wine Sweater group gift, available free through May 25.

Sweater/shirt: happyend - Wine sweater (limited time group gift available only till May 25)

Hair: Chichikie - Aaron cap (not free)

Note: Originally published May 19, 2011

Guitar Hero

If you want to be a guitar hero you gotta dress the part. Channel your inner Jimmy Page with the new James velvet suit from A:S:S.

Suit: A:S:S - James (group Gift : Attention 200l join fee)

Shirt: Gabriel - Tribal tanktop blue (group gift)

Glasses: Salon de GLOW - say bar sunglasses (group gift + 2nd color in lucky chair)

Belt: Little Britain - I Love Rock and Roll Guitar Belt (free)

Necklace: Lantian (FLOX) - Heart Music, Peacock (old M4TH hunt gift)

Ring: Ripe - Dice Ring (special order, not free)

Guitar Props: Witch Babe (group gift)

Personal note
: Greetings to all from France...Ravi Shelter is my nom de plume and I'm happy to be joining the great Fashion + Freebies team. I'll be on the lookout for unusual items that keep you styling for limited lindens.

Note: Originally published May 17, 2011
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