I always think about color when I plan my blog posts, which is why I was looking forward to the latest hunt from Monochrome Hunts. Silver Lining is the second in a series of color-themed hunts - this time the theme is silver - and there is a nice range of items to be had (I'm featuring the furniture from Pestique, Circa & Estatica). The gifts cost 5L, but are worth far more than that - check their blog for photos of most of the gifts.

Today is also the last day I think for the Black Event on the Wash Sim, where I picked up some excellent textures from Timeless Textures and Far Concepts for only 10l that fit well with the theme of the post.

Update Dec 1: Wash Sale still going on. Not sure when it ends.

Silver Lining
  • Furniture Set: Circa - Starry Night (5l, Silver Lining Hunt until Dec 5)
  • Texture (Wall): Timeless Textures - Black Beauty 1 (10l at Wash Sale for Texture Pack until Nov 28)
  • Texture (Floor): K.O. Textures - Black Parquet 2 (40l for Texture Pack)
I do my best work in bed...
Milk & Cookies

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Dirty Little Secret has an excellent gift in the Something Old, Something New Hunt: a fully furnished, multi-level build called Air. Like its name, the house emphasizes the flow of light and air, with the use of skylight ceilings, glass walls, exterior staircases, multiple patio areas and draped fabrics. Air also features a water surround with trees, built-in wall storage in the bedroom/bathroom and the furniture is available as separates, so you can keep what you want (or use it in other builds). I've added some pieces from End of Daze that work well in the space. 

Tash Porthos of Dirty Little Secret is also celebrating the anniversary of her store with a ton of group gifts and the DLS group is free to join until the end of the month. Join her group for her latest Mesh gifts (and stay in it because Tash is always generous).

Some of the clothing here is from the November Mens Dept (ends Dec 1), including a new release blazer from American Bazaar available with different tee combinations. Finally, the skin/shape I've used here is a new group gift from Aeva/Heartsick.
Kiss the Sky
  • Couch: End of Daze - Cubby Couch (Not Free, MESH & Texture Change)
  • Vases: End of Daze - Lisboa Vases (New Release, MESH & Texture Change)
  • Wall Decal: End of Daze - Real Pic (New Release)

  • Build: Dirty Little Secret - Air (Something Old, Something New Hunt #24 until Nov 30)
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Baffled Pt.2

Here are a few more pics with the build I used in my last post from Baffle (see Pt. 1 here). The store is now closed, but I hope some of you got to check it out and found some nice things at the closing sale.

I've used quite a lot of decor items in this post, some from the Antique Grid Show Hunt (see my previous post for more) - an easy hunt to do with some very nice gifts. I also want to thank Plato Novo of %Percent for lending me her newish enamel cabinets (the set has been released over the last few months). These would undoubtedly look great in lots of builds, both retro and modern.

The Peacock
  • Skybox: Baffle - Le Petit Reve (Not Currently Available)
A Table
  • Pose: Nani - Bare 6 (5l for 6 poses)

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Baffle is a great shop that is unfortunately closing in world and until November 11 everything is on sale for 55l. You can find an eclectic mix of pose props, decor and other items there, but the builds are truly special (see my Secret Garden post for another Baffle build I recently blogged).

Each design is totally unique and range from a domed floating home in the middle of the ocean, to a winter igloo complete with Polar bear or a creepy cottage with graveyard and hidden slaughter chamber. After rezzing them on the demo platform, I couldn't resist buying them all.

I've done some fashion shots below using Baffle's Le Petit Reve skybox from the sale, which is a fun approximation of a slightly grungy Paris apartment with some great texturing. See my next post for more shots of the build.

Also the November Mens Dept round has started with some cool items (including great Mesh pants from Credo and gO this round). Don't forget to check it out.

Edit Nov 15: Baffle is now closed so I have pulled the links.

Le Petit Reve
Midnight Blue
  • Jacket: Shiki - Coat Midnight Blue (Mr. Hunter #11 until Nov 30)
  • Pants: Ashmoot - Bond Tie Trousers S (Shaken Not Stirred Hunt #61 until Nov 30, includes complete outfit & female gift, MESH
  • Scarf: Ronsem - Neck Warmer (Group Gift)
  • Shoes: Tyler Park - Broadways Cheetah Edition  (Previous Sale Item, Availability Unknown)

  • Skybox: Baffle - Le Petit Reve (55L until Nov 11, partial Mesh)
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