Designer Prims

It's been a while since I've featured a build on here, so it's nice to showcase the house (and some more of the furniture) we've used for our recent fashion shots. For more views of the house and furniture, including other Homestuff gifts, see Astrid's posts here and here.

The Romantic Loft Space by Designer Prims is all Mesh with a land impact of just 28 prims including the removable room divider bookcase. Like all Designer Prim builds, it features texture-change walls and floors and in this case full-length windows running the entire frontage with shutters that can be turned on or off by clicking a switch. There are two large living areas, an exterior deck and, as you might guess, the light is great. The house is designed for small lots but is still quite roomy and would also work fine as a skyloft.   

Designer Prims doesn't have an in-world presence now, but you can find the house on marketplace for just 99l.

  • Chair/Table/Vases: Circa - Illusions Vanity Set (New Release, also includes Wall Mirror)
  • Bed/Clothing Rack: Follow US: Stay in Bed Black and White (New Release, MESH)
  • Rug: Hate This - Rug brocade dark (New Release, MESH)
  • Pouf - Bauwerk - Leather Stool White (New Release, MESH)
  • End Tables: DIGS - Amaris End Table (Mad Pea - Room 326 Hunt Gift until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Vase: Bauwerk - Segmented Vase with Branches (New release, MESH)
  • Wall Light: bbqq - Stars lamp (Not Free, MESH)
  • Art: Bauwerk - We Are The Robots Red (Available at the Liason Collaborative Garden Event until Sep 10, MESH, 70l)
  • Food Tray: Follow US - Tray Asia box (Previous Group Gift, different version now available as group gift)
  • Clock: MudHoney - Miles Clock (50l in Gacha at 24 Event until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Mickey Mouse: Bayview Market - McMouse Mouse with Resizer (Previous Hunt Gift)
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Colors in Motion

Some more fashion shots today using the same Designer Prims build as last time and highlighting some nice releases from the 24 event (on till Aug 31). Liv-Glam's colorful "I Love It Dress" is found for just 50l in the gacha and pairs well with BSD Design Studio's "Supermodel" shoes and Sugarsmack's hair - both featured at 24. Other items include American Bazaar's palate cleansing creme mini dress, a new release top from Klubwerk (available in various color combinations - thanks Kiana!) and furniture/decor from a range of designers including Homestuff gifts.

Colors in Motion
Table Setting
Color Blocking

Furniture & Decor

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A few looks today with Ravi and some fun with lines and gradations or grayscales or something like that. Actually there is no real theme, but we thought we'd do some fashion shots in this nice mesh build from Designer Prims (99l on MP), before focusing more on the furniture and architecture.

My shape is an excellent new release from Baholi, which has been coming out with great shapes both in-store and at events like She & Him (see recent posts for more from Baholi). The skin is "Poppy" from Aeva, also a new release that you can try in-store (a version is now on sale for a limited time at the Outlet). Clothing includes sale items from 22769 found at The Gallery Gift Shop, Liv-Glam's texture-change dress gift from Black Fair and BSD Design Studio's special edition shoes for the same event (ends tomorrow I think so go check it out) and a newish release from ArisAris.

Ravi is wearing the "The Raaf", a new release from (Red)Sand, which is a bit raffish or rakish if you prefer, sort of like Ravi himself, paired with a shape from Shape it Up! (store temporarily closed - contact the designer if interested). His clothing is from the August Mens Dept + a nice shirt from American Bazaar.

  • Couch: Bauwerk - The Chesterfield White (New Release, MESH)
  • Lamp: Bauwerk - Black and White Floor Lamp (New Release, MESH)
  • Coffee table/Decor items: Bauwerk - Monochrome Couch Table with Decoration (New Release, MESH)
  • Rug: Hate This - Rug brocade dark (New Release, MESH)
  • Mirror: Circa - "Illusions" Round Wall Mirror White with Lights (New Release)
  • Vase: Axos - "Storto" Vase (1l, Around the Grid Hunt #58 until Oct 15, MESH, gift includes other items)
  • Build: Designer Prims - Romantic Loft Space (99l on Marketplace, MESH)
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The Shop (Pt. 2)

Continuing Astrid's previous post, some more shots with Never Totally Dead's build from the Mad Pea Hunt, this time with male fashion from Mens Dept and other places (the shape is a gift from the Menstuff Hunt) and another 22769 dress from the Gallery Gift Shop (the round may be ending today) and BSD Design Studio's Post Modernism shoes from Fashion United.

Note the luggage from BSD Design Studio. These are fully scripted with drawers and panels that open, come in a variety of colors including the LV original motif shown below and are available until mid-week at SL Fashion Week.
  • Never Totally DeadThe Old Shop (Mad Pea - Room 326 Hunt Gift until Aug 31)
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The Shop

This is sort of a quickie post, but I wanted to show the Eiko dress, before the round changes at the Gallery Gift Shop. It has a great vintage look and pairs well with Miamai's Loroi hair and BSD Design Studio's Post Modernism shoes, which you can pick up at Fashion United.

The excellent shape here is again from Baholi and this one is close to my heart because it was named for yours truly (thanks Adriana!). Like all Baholi shapes, it has a great face and works well with both darker and lighter skins - I've paired it with a new release skin from Aeva that is now on sale at The Outlet. Baholi's Astrid shape is mod, includes multiple versions and is available all month at the She & Him event.

The build I'm using as a backdrop is from the Mad Pea hunt. I'll have more to say on it and some interior shots in a later post.
Window Dressing

Never Totally DeadThe Old Shop (Mad Pea - Room 326 Hunt Gift until Aug 31)
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