Autumn Leaves

The leaves have turned and finally started to come down where I am. Living in a city, I don't have to rake them anymore, which was one of the painful chores of my youth. It always seemed like a hopeless task. As soon as you piled them up, a gust of wind would come and decimate the pile while blowing loads more from the trees. After a while, I would forget about raking and instead pick them up and throw them around - into the street or the neighbor's yard. Of course, the wind would usually blow them right back. Maybe I'm a little bit nostalgic...

This post uses some of the great poses that are out there on the fall theme as well as assorted group and hunt gifts. Note that there are a few items from GizzA Creations here. The GizzA group is now free to join, but will cost 250l starting in December. So join the group now if you want their great monthly gifts for free.

Leaves You Joyful
Into the Wind
  • VestBedlam - DIMH Diamond Vest Male (DIMH 3 #33 until Dec. 18, includes female sizing)
  • SweaterSF Design - Lace Up Sweater Jacket (MENstuff #88 until December 25, also includes a hat)
  • PantsGizzA Creations - November Group Gift Male Pants (November group gift, also includes shirt & shoes)
  • ShoesFA Creation - Boots (1l, Dollar for Dollar Hunt #18 until Nov. 30, includes complete female outfit) 
  • HatKal Rau - Beanie (MENstuff #150 until December 25 )
  • SkinFilthy - Nov. gg Male Dark (November group gift, Attn: 200l Joiner Fee)
  • ShapeFilthy - Nov. gg. Shape (November group gift, Attn: 200l Joiner Fee)
  • PoseMagnifique Poses - Into the Wind (59l)
  • Tree, Rake, Ground Cover: LeBloom - Fall Yard Set 2 (Paid 82l in MobVend)
  • Build: Dark n Crazy Finest Furniture - D'N'C Skydome (Sinister Steampunk #19 until Nov. 30)
Backyard Fun
  • SweaterArgyle Anonymous - Baggy Sweater Forest (The Dirty Turkey Hunt #10 until Nov. 30)
  • Pants: Vero Modero - November Bermuda (November Group Gift includes complete avatar)
  • ShoesOverdose - Black Urban Boots (MENstuff #138 until Dec; 25, gift includes complete outfit) Update 11/23: store looks to have left the hunt.
  • ScarfAirflow - Neck Warmer Type-A (Group Gift, Unisex, includes 2 versions)
  • HairBirth - Peace Hair Black (MENstuff #116 until Dec. 25, gift includes 4 tones & eyes)
  • SkinVero Modero - November Skin (November Group Gift includes complete avatar)
  • ShapeVero Modero - November Male Shape (November Group Gift includes complete avatar)
  • Pose: Embody - MF Fall (Not Free)
Rake Me
Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 -- The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2 -- Dollar for Dollar Hunt -- MENstuff 3 -- Sinister Steampunk Hunt

MENstuff 3 (part 2)

As promised, three more looks from the MENstuff hunt. There are great gifts as always (thanks to all the designers), but I must say, for me, the shapes are really the standouts. Each look here and in Part 1 uses a different shape from the hunt (as well as different skins).

Kinda Blue
Weekend Warrior
Midnight Cowboy

MENstuff 3

The 3rd edition of the MENstuff hunt has just gotten underway with six weeks to get through 150 stores. Here are three different looks from the hunt, with more to follow later tonight:

Bruised Hunter
Skate Kid
Scorpio Rising

Sunday Night Special

Just a quickie to show the very nice skin gift from Tableau Vivant (shape by Sauce), which will shortly fade from group notices (but is also available next to the in-store group joiner). Grab it while you can.

The pants on the left are from the B[elle]issima closing sale, where everything is on sale until the end of the month; the outfit on the right is the American Bazaar gift from the Dirty Little Secrets Hunt.

Bonus Shot:

Wall & floor textures from Webtreats: Grunge Textures & Patterns Set (Free)
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