Pump Action

A deserted gas station, a couple on the run, bikes and guns...what could go wrong? Well I'll leave that to your imagination for now, but I wanted to feature HISPose's new chopper pose prop so it was time to break out the leather. The prop includes the bike and has seven excellent poses. All their props are great and very inexpensive so check them out.

The male fashion has some cool accessories, tats and a nice T-Shirt combo from DROP found at the latest Mens Dept round (ends July 1). Also a new release skin from SAAL Body that is quite good and excellent new jeans from +HuHu+ that you can pick up in a rather awesome texture change version.

Astrid's clothing is from the Ricielli store hunt - lots of great items to be found there at 15l - plus some beautiful shoes from BSD Design Studio, available for a limited time at SL Fashion Week.
Pump Action
Self Service
We've got guns
  • Jeans: +HuHu+ - City Jeans (New Release, MESH, Texture Change Version available)
  • Boots: VG Shoes - VG Moto Black (Not Free, Unisex)
  • Tattoo (Sleaves): Boss Tattoo - Sweet Sacrifice Faded (80L at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Tattoo (Torso): Boss Tattoo - Get my gun Faded (35L at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Pose: HISpose - HISChopper (New Release, includes 7 Poses)
Chopper by HISPose


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