Smile, Winter is coming

I'm more of a Summer guy, but Winter does have its rewards. Bulky sweaters, hot chocolate, bracing walks in the park, long scarves and warming fires... that does sound quite nice, right?

Here I've been indulging some of these Winter passions on the Onyx Isle sim, which is a sort of snowy wonderland with winding paths, a skating rink complete with hot chocolate stand and some great builds to thaw those winter chills.  

Clothing and avi from Mens Dept - just a few days left in the November round - as well as some very nice gifts (see last pic).
Bears on Ice
I hate Winter (regards to 22769)
Oh Deer
Decor Items
  • Bench: Bauwerk - Lodge Bench Brown Cow (Not Free, mesh)
  • Chair: Vespertine - Vintage rounded armchair/wicker ver (Not Free, mesh)
  • Wall Art: Bauwerk - Oh Deer (undecorated) (Not Free, mesh)
  • Vase: Bauwerk - Steel Vase with Roses (Not Free, mesh)
  • Build: Pixel Mode - Willow Log Cabin (Not Free, mesh)
Location: Onyx Isle


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