Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween from a few of my friends...

Don't miss out on the many, many hunts ending today.

Update November 2: Lethe's Gathering Memories outfit shown on the vampire below is no longer available as a gift cause the No Strings Attached Hunt has now ended. However, according to Lethe owner, Reiko Carami, it is now on sale upstairs for a nominal price of 10l. This great outfit includes shoes, hat and cane and is well worth having. For the ladies, check out Lethe's gothic designs and while you are there, find the full outfit gift for the I Love Cupcakes Hunt, which has just started.

The Egoisme group gift Vampire skin fatpack is still available for free. Note that Egoisme has two groups and this gift is for the free-to-join group. Group Joiners found here.


  • Complete Avi: Death Row Designs - Male Nazi Zombie (Zombie Popcorn Hunt #5 until October 31, gift includes female sizing & skins)
  • Pose: Embody - U Undead 5 (not free)



  • Complete Outift & Skin: Absolutely Smitten - Scarecrow (1l, Haunted Forest 2 Hunt until Nov. 25, gift includes female outfit)
  • ShapeSauce - Jagermonster Shape - Short & Skinny (FTLO Boo-for-2 Hunt #31 until Oct.31, gift includes 2 shapes. Update Nov. 8: Shape now available for sale)
  • Sack: Embody - Trick or Treat Pose Pack (not free)
  • Pose: Estetica - H to T8 (not free, all pose packs on sale now for 75l)

Build: Moon's Howling Creations - Spooky Graveyard (Creepy Classics hunt #31 until Oct 31st)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Zombie Popcorn hunt --- No Strings Attached --- FTLO Boo-for-2 hunt --- Creepy Classics Hunt --- Nature's Hunt Haunted Forrest 2

Scary Lil Skybox

Who wants some candy?

Note: The FTLO items are all hidden on the same sim. There are no hints for this hunt.

  • Skin (all pics): Mr. Poet - Lieber Skin (Lucky Board gift, also includes a shape)
  • Shape (all pics): Illninia Skins - Halloween Rodion (FTLO Boo-for-2 Hunt #10 until Oct. 31, also includes a skin)
Who wants candy?
I Heart U
Love you to Death
Trick or Treat

BuildDesigner Prims - Scary Lil Skybox (FTLO Boo-for-2 Hunt #06 until Oct. 31)

FramesKari - Komrad hud (not free)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Zombie Popcorn hunt --- Seasons Autumn Hunt --- Dirty Little Secrets 2 --- The Whiz Hunt --- No Strings Attached --- FTLO Boo-for-2 hunt --- The Femdom Hunt 2

Hat Trick

Stay covered... even when you are showing some skin.

Skin & shape in the first two pics are this month's gift from Filthy; in the last pic, the skin & shape are from the Essences store hunt (yes Essences is back). All clothing shown was free.

  • Jacket & Pants: SAD - Racing Style Orange (Rotating Midnight Mania Gift)
  • Suspenders: Coxi Fashion - Suspenders Black (Rotating Midnight Mania Gift)
  • ShoesDuh - Dress boots "Badger" (Harry Potter Hunt #18 until October 31, also includes female shoes)
  • Hat: Nerd Project - Pompom Knit Cap (Free at SGB Halloween Festa until Oct. 31)
  • Necklace: LouLou & Co- Necklace Summer Purple (40L in Gacha)
  • Tattoo: CoLLisions - Love is Limitless (Subscriber Gift)
  • SkinFilthy - Oct.GG.M.T3 (Group Gift until Oct. 31,Attn: 200l joiner fee )
  • ShapeFilthy - Oct.GG.M.Shape (Group Gift until Oct. 31, Attn: 200l joiner fee)
  • Pose (left): BRB  - 444-03 (Free*Style set, 44l for 4 poses)
  • Pose (right): Morgane Batista Poses - Male Pose 3 Curtain (The Runway Perfect Hunt #01 available until Oct.31 includes 6 poses)

Backgrounds:  QP - Paris Apartment House (not free)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: The Runway Perfect Hunt --- Zombie Popcorn hunt ---Harry Potter Hunt ---  D is for Deviant Hunt

Last Days to Disco

The Disco Hunt officially ends today, although Saturday Night Fever may last till Monday. I showed a few items from the hunt in a previous post and here are a few more to get you motivated...cause we were all born to be alive (lots of stuff from other hunts here as well).

Disco Stud:
  • Outfit: Brocade Tiger- Double Take Suit (new release not free)
  • Shoes: Nuts - Black leather male shoes (Disco hunt #82 until October 15th, gift includes complete male & female outfits)
  • Hair: MADesigns  - Sam Dark Blond VI (On the Hunt #31 until October 20th, gift also includes female hair attachment)
  • Skin: VyC - Cheater Skin (group gift) 
  • Shape: External Appearance - Holden (5l includes female shape)
Disco Diva:
Solo Dancer:
  • Outfit: Nuts - Male Gift (Disco hunt #82 until October 15th, gift also includes complete female outfit) 
  • Hair: Tribal Soul - Kadaj Black (previous group gift, not free)
  • Build: Connaught Empire - Disco Dance Floor (Disco hunt #44 until October 15th)
  • Disco Ball: FIN - Mirrorball with Spot (Disco hunt #06 until October 15th)
  • Sofa: RT Designs - RT Lip Sofa (Disco hunt #50 until October 15th)
  • Chairs: 22769 - [bauwerk] ballchair (Disco hunt #01 until October 15th, gift also includes other furniture pieces + 2nd gift with male and female outfits)
  • Pose (couple): 22769 - Saturday night Fever & Murder on the Dancefloor (Disco hunt #01 until October 15th, gift also includes furniture pieces + 2nd gift with male and female outfits)
  • Poso (solo): Captivity - Never Can Tell (Disco hunt #28 until October 15th)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Disco Hunt  --- On The Hunt --- The Runway Perfect Hunt --- D is for Deviant Hunt 

A pumpkin tale

Forget green I always say. Orange is where it's at. My pumpkin house is easy to heat, totally ecological and the insects handle all the recycling. It only has one room, but I don't really need more.

With my best friend Munchkin girl coming over, it's time for something a little more formal. Of course, she was late as usual.

She finally made it, mumbling something about a 12 broom pile-up out near the yellow brick interchange. We caught up on the latest gossip, Munchy mostly dissing Mother Goose (a lush) and Rapunzel (extensions) - I won't repeat the names she used. Anyway, here we are watching the pumpkins grow.

Munchkin Girl:

  • Outfitdimbula rose - Munchkin Girl (mmm Halloween hunt gift until October 31st)
  • Shoes: duh - Mary Janes (Harry Potter Hunt #18 until October 31, gift also includes male shoes) 
  • Hair: Birth - NCS2 Renju ke unisex hair (Fallen & Depraved hunt #28 until October 15th -- Hunt Hints)
  • Skin: Katsucide - Romantica (previously available at Grunge Soul Project)
  • Shape: Tokyo Girl - Hyuna 5'7" (new release not free)

It was getting late and Munchkin girl said she had to be off. Powering up her broom, she  turned to wave...

It must have been the pumpkin schnaaps because she seemed a little wobbly, swerving just within reach of Boris, the spider who keeps guard over my house. I don't think she ever saw it coming...

  • Bodysuit: Rotten Defiance - "Richard Simmons taught me everything I know" - Lace Bodysuit Orange (October Store Hunt Gift-- gifts spread throughout the 1st floor in the white skulls) 
  • Make-up: SyS - Demon Makeup (FTLO boo-for-2 Hunt #15 until October 31st)

Some notes about the hunts: The mmm Halloween hunt has a small number of gifts all located in the same general area. There are no hints, just click all the pumpkins until you find the items. However, there are also tons of decoys. Without the generous assistance of Juliet Broono, I would never have found the munchkin outfits. Special hint from me: Pumpkins don't always grow on the ground.

The FTLO boo-for-2 hunt is also different. Every participating store has two gifts, one male and one female.The catch is that only one of the two items is free. There are no hints and all the gifts are located on the same sim.

Three the easy way

Here are three casual looks with lots of things from Hunting 9 (ends October 9th), which is a must: there are only 9 stores, they are all great and the gifts are high quality (get the required hud from any participating store and don't forget the bonus prize when you have completed the hunt).

The skin (essences) & shape (census by Eden Knoller) were both found at the Free*Style 4.44.444 event (ends Oct. 14). Neither of these creators currently has an in-world store so check them out there or on marketplace. Lots of amazing deals at 4l or 44l at this event, primarily for women, but a few good things for men too. Some other sale items shown below are from Gabriel (50-70% sale on selected items), Waffle (entire store on sale for 10l) and Glasiz (50% off everything).

  • Sweater: Gabriel - Loose Highneck Sweater Gray (120l sale price, includes longer version) 
  • Shorts & Leggings: Drop - Knit Pants Brown (Lucky Board gift)
  • Shoes: E-Clipse - Discohunt Male Slips (Disco Hunt #37 available until Oct. 15, gift includes complete outfit for women--Hunt hints)
  • Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - Rewey Goggles (Hunting 9 until Oct. 9, MESH)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma - Rage Silver (Hunting 9 until Oct. 9, gift includes complete fatpack & women's sizing)
  • Pose (left): Estetica - Long Day (not free)
  • Pose (right): Estetica - Say What? (not free)
  • Vest: grasp - Patch Shirt + Hood (Hunting 9 Special Prize until Oct. 9, gift includes leather bag and women's size)
  • Shirtgrasp - Graphixx Tank (Hunting 9 until Oct. 9, includes women's size)
  • Pants: Legal Insanity - Unisex Red Pants (October group gift, includes sweater and women's sizing)
  • Boots: Zibska - Aeron Boots (I Need New Hunt #52 available until Oct. 30, female--Hunt hints)
  • Necklace: Bedlam - Musical Dogtags Necklace (Subscriber Gift)
  • Bracelet: JD DesignArmband Men Black (Disco Hunt #22 available until Oct. 15, gift includes necklace--Hunt hints
  • Glasses: Glasiz - Love Keith Haring (45l sale price, entire store 50% off)
  • Tattoo: Waffle - Tristar Neck Tattoo (10l, entire store on sale for 10l)
  • Hair: Audacity  - Disco 2 (Disco Hunt #17 until Oct.15, complete fatpack includes female sizing--Hunt hints)
  • Pose (Left): Glitterati - Beauty 04 (44l for 5 poses only at Free Style event until Oct. 14)
  • Pose (Right): Avante - Swimwear 05 (not free)

Skin & Shape for all Pictures

  • Skin: Essences - Chuck Skin (44l only at Free Style event until Oct. 14)
  • Shape: Census - The Syncophant (44l only at Free Style event until Oct. 14)
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