John Holmes Skybox

The Mens Dept has so many great things this round (see posts here and here for other TMD items). One of my favorites is the John Holmes Skybox from [Deco], which makes a perfect set for relaxing, entertaining friends, watching John Holmes classics from the 70s... or for recording your own. I'll show more of the build in my next post.

The Chic2 event ends this weekend. Post has an incredible furniture set there (coffee table shown below) that you shouldn't miss, but the whole event is filled with amazing designers. Finally, the Make Him Over people have launched a mini hunt with 10 gifts for men and women all in the same location (see Sartoria shorts in the last pic).

Johnny Wadd, 2012
Bedroom BachaSutra
  • Socks: Ziva's Underground Footwear - Lazy Saturday Mesh Socks Rigged (Cuddle Buddy Hunt #32 until June 30, MESH, includes 2 versions)
  • Tattoo: Tattoo Art - Lotus Dark (MHO7 Hunt #70 until Jul 15, includes multiple tattoos)
Couple Pose: Diesel Works - BachaSutra (Not Free)

Chic, après les ébats
Build: [Deco] - The John Holmes Skybox (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Cuddle Buddy Hunt - Depraved Summer Love HuntMake Him Over 7 - Moolto Sisters Hunt - Show Me Your Style Hunt


Ray Loxingly said...

Too awesome, thanks for posting and blogging my Gift Shape. It looks great on you! :)

Ravi Shelter said...

Hi Ray...thanks so much. I seriously think Blaise is one of the best group gift shapes I've ever seen. Looks great with tons of skins, but I especially like the combo with this (Red)Sand skin. Thanks for the gift (guys go see the shapes at Mulholland) and for checking out the blog... Cheers, Ravi

RaYmond LoXiNgLy said...

:) You're very look sharp haha and your blog is amazing.

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