Happy Halloween

You never know who you'll meet in the misty backwoods of a forgotten swamp...

Dress by Immateria (get it now on sale) and Avi and accessories mostly from the Horrorfest hunt.

Clothing & Accessories
  • Skin: Riel - NS Hemlock Pale 05 (Horrorfest Hunt #62 until Nov 8, includes 3 skins)
  • Shape: HollyHood - Body Shape 1.0 (included with Ferreh skin group gift)
  • Hair: Faster Pussycat - Courtesane BlackBird (Horrorfest Hunt #33 until Nov 8, also includes makeup)
  • Eyes: Matte - Catty (Horrorfest Hunt #45 until Nov 8, also includes makeup & nails) 
  • Nails/Rings: Chandelle - Nails RR black (previous dollarbie)
  • Makeup: Squeek - The last minute costume set dark (Horrorfest Hunt #55 until Nov 8, includes 3 makeup tats)
  • Pose: Axix - Aria 2 (20l)
Location: MysteryLand

Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Horrorfest Hunt

Hotel Suite

The Bitacora Travel Fair takes you on a journey to the four corners of the world, but one thing about traveling is that you need a place to stay. BSD Design Studio has got you covered with their imagining of a boutique hotel suite for relaxing after a hard day of sightseeing or shopping. The build and its furnishings and various decor items, including some excellent chairs with great poses, are available at the fair in BSD's gacha (75l per play). You still have two days to visit Travel Fair, so don't miss it.

And since staying at a beautiful boutique hotel in some foreign locale practically demands a little dress up, here are some fashion shots featuring ArisAris, 22769, BSD shoes and a great hunt gift from Sakide.
  • Sideboard: Apple Fall - Cinema Sideboard (City) 1 (Previous Group Gift, Mesh)
  • Poster: Melu Deco - Train Posters Crossing (Not Free)
  • Objets d'art: Bauwerk - Vintage Plane Figurette (50l, Mesh, includes 2 versions & magazines)
  • Hotel Suite/Furniture/Lamps/Decor Items: BSD Design Studio - Boutique Hotel set (75L per play in Gacha at Travel Fair until Oct 31)
  • Television/ Speakers: End of Daze - Flat Screen black (Newish release, Mesh)
  • Pumpkin: LW - Scary Pumpkin (99l on MP, Mesh)
  • Chair: Bauwerk - Leather Armchair Red (150l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, Mesh, includes side table)
  • Wall Art: Floorplan - Moustache Marquee (199L at Mens Dept until Oct 31, Mesh, Texture Change)
  • Dress: Sakide - Monochrome Dress XS (Horrorfest Hunt #53 until Nov 8, Mesh, texture change)
  • Shoes: BSD Design Studio - Stiletto love cherry (250l at SL Fashion Week until Oct 31, Mesh)
  • Pose: Exposeur - Singles Special 12 1 (Not Currently Available)
 Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Horrorfest Hunt

The Well-Dressed Man...

Every Mens Dept round makes me feel well-dressed and this one is no exception. From the amazing Just Cool jacket that can be modified right down to the buttons with the included hud, to the stylishly casual Etham sweater/shirt, which also has texture-change options for the T-shirt and scarf, Mens Dept should be your 1st stop every month for looking good (see my post here for more items from this round). Not to forget the Monso hair and Sorgo glasses - I think you know where to find them - which will add some rakish charm to any look.

Other items shown below include decor pieces found this month at Mens Dept - the marquee by Seven is texture change as well and quite useful when you need to get your message out - and I also quite like (Red)Sand's texture change "Classy" pants. The Divalicious skin is a great deal too: only 99l for a few more days at SYSP and includes various tones, beards and a shape. 
  • Marquee/Letters: Seven - Portable Marquee (250l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, MESH, Texture Change. Letters cost extra)
  • Chair/Rug: Culprit - Leather Wingback Chair/Shag Rug Rose (300l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, MESH. Rug costs extra)
  • Wall Art: Cheeky Pea - Driftwood Silhouettes Bigfoot (150l at Mens Dept until Oct 31, MESH)
  • Sidetable Lamp: Trompe Loeil - Glass Endtable Lamp (25l in Gacha)
  • Ashtray/cigars: Second Spaces - Ezra Ashtray (125l, MESH)


At 6:00am it had all the makings of a fine day, the kind you dream about in October, but you never know when you’re offshore. A patch of dark clouds was gathering through the morning haze and we were heading right towards it. Half way to the pots, the wind picked up and the first drops began to fall. Rule No.1: keep your neck warm - so I grabbed my Gabriel sweater. You know, the one that goes right up to my ears. The one I never take off the boat.

By the 20 mile marker, it was a damn mini-squall. The sky darkened again, the rain rolling in like sheets and we went for the foul weather gear. Did I mention the wind, I guess I did. I threw on my Deadwool slicker. Yeah it’s covered in grease from the engines; it’s not a fashion show out there. It keeps my hands free and the rain off my back, that’s what matters! Anyway, we got our pots in though, cause that’s what we do...

Clothing from Mens Dept in this post includes the DeadWool raincoat and Gabriel’s sweater. The skin is from Mens Dept as well so go check out the round (ends Oct 31) - there is awesome stuff there. Also some cool new releases from Fashion Emergency and great grungy jeans that I used throughout the post from American Bazaar.
Setting Out (6:00am)
The Wind Rises
Mini Squall at the Marker
Back on Land

 Location: Plage des Graniers
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