Little Warehouse Pt.2

Following up my previous post, here are a few more fashion shots and images of the decor I've used in Bauwerk's Little Warehouse skybox for this month's Challenge round.

Some general words on the build: it's Mesh (land impact of 44 prims) and features high ceilings, exposed ventilation ducting and monumental florescent style lighting that is fully and individually controllable via a central panel. Notably the intensity of each fixture can be set so you don't overpower the space with light, as is often the case. The build also makes use of large skylights and full length windows to bring quite a lot of natural light into the box. It works nicely as a lofty home/office space as I've done, but I can also see it being used in a role play setting.

The fashion here is again from this month's Mens Dept, + a new release from Apple May and a special thanks to the creators at (Red)Sand for providing their excellent Hooligan skin, which I'll undoubtedly show again. Oh, and all poses in this and my previous post from Saal Body. Thanks Alon!

  • Couch, Coffee Table, Decor Items: End of Daze - Oak Set (Not Free, MESH)
  • Rug: Bazar - Deluxe Carpet (25l)
  • Chairs: Little House of Curios - Factory Side Chair (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 100l, MESH)
  • Books: 22769/Bauwerk - Decorative Art Books 2 stack (90l, Mesh, includes various versions)
  •  Build: Bauwerk - The Little Warehouse Skybox (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 259l, Mesh)

Little Warehouse

The Challenge's 4th round this month has a factory/industrial theme, which is a style I frequently come back to in many of the builds I feature on the site.  Here I've taken Bauwerk's litttle warehouse skybox from this round and imagined it as a combined work/home space for an architect or engineer, using many of the items from the Challenge round as well as other pieces that work well in the build.  The decor emphasizes metal as well as wood, which softens the space quite a bit. The pictures below feature two of the stand-outs from this round: an excellent drafting table and assorted decor from Follow Us and Plato Novo's beautiful "Factory" chairs for %Percent.

The avi features a new release skin from (Red)Sand and super nice texture-change hair from Exile, on sale at Mens Dept and available in various tones. The clothing is also from Mens Dept, except for the shirt from American Bazaar that I quite like and previously blogged in a different color here.

As this post was getting long, I'll have more shots and review of the build and furniture in my next post, but in the meantime previews can be seen of all Challenge items on the event website.

  • Shelves: End of Daze - Foxy Shelf 1 (150l, MESH, Texture Change & includes multiple versions)
  • Couch, Coffee Table, Decor Items: End of Daze - Oak Set (Not Free, MESH)
  • Drafting Table, Stool, Lamp, Decor Items: Follow US - Factory desk (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 179L)
  • Air Conditioner: End of Daze - Air Conditioner Home (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 175L, Mesh, includes 2 versions)
  • Shelving: Ilo - Vintage Rack (Free)
  • Magazine Holders: %Percent - Magazine Storage (100l, includes various versions)
  • Books: 22769/Bauwerk - Decorative Art Books 1 Stack (90l, Mesh, includes various versions)
  • Rug: Kuro - Ilios Rug Fawn (Not Free, Mesh)
  • Chairs: %Percent - LapFactoryChair (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 350L)
  • Table: Little House of Curios - Factory Cart Table (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 65l, MESH)
  • Lamp: ilo - Ind. Lamp alloy (MESH, Check with owner for availability)
  • Art: Breno - Find your bearings (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 99l)
  • Game: Second Spaces - Marble Checkers (50l per play at Arcade Gacha event until Jun 30)
  • Bed, Side Tables, Lamps: Cleo Design - Industrial Style Bedroom (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 200l, MESH, includes table and numerous other decor items)
  • Bench: 22769/bauwerk & Diesel Works - Coffee Light choco2 (Atelier Kreslo release available until July 10, 200l, MESH)
  • Shelving (left): End of Daze - Foxy Shelf 3 (150l, MESH, Texture Change & includes multiple versions)
  • Shelving (right): Follow US - Shelf Trashy Friday (99l)
  • Wall Art: Floorplan - Plank map / dark wood (150l at Mens Dept until July 1, MESH)
  • Rug: Kuro - Assorted rugs IV (80l, MESH, includes 5 rugs)
  •  Bauwerk - The Little Warehouse Skybox (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 259l, Mesh)

Pump Action

A deserted gas station, a couple on the run, bikes and guns...what could go wrong? Well I'll leave that to your imagination for now, but I wanted to feature HISPose's new chopper pose prop so it was time to break out the leather. The prop includes the bike and has seven excellent poses. All their props are great and very inexpensive so check them out.

The male fashion has some cool accessories, tats and a nice T-Shirt combo from DROP found at the latest Mens Dept round (ends July 1). Also a new release skin from SAAL Body that is quite good and excellent new jeans from +HuHu+ that you can pick up in a rather awesome texture change version.

Astrid's clothing is from the Ricielli store hunt - lots of great items to be found there at 15l - plus some beautiful shoes from BSD Design Studio, available for a limited time at SL Fashion Week.
Pump Action
Self Service
We've got guns
  • Jeans: +HuHu+ - City Jeans (New Release, MESH, Texture Change Version available)
  • Boots: VG Shoes - VG Moto Black (Not Free, Unisex)
  • Tattoo (Sleaves): Boss Tattoo - Sweet Sacrifice Faded (80L at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Tattoo (Torso): Boss Tattoo - Get my gun Faded (35L at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Pose: HISpose - HISChopper (New Release, includes 7 Poses)
Chopper by HISPose
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