A few looks today with Ravi and some fun with lines and gradations or grayscales or something like that. Actually there is no real theme, but we thought we'd do some fashion shots in this nice mesh build from Designer Prims (99l on MP), before focusing more on the furniture and architecture.

My shape is an excellent new release from Baholi, which has been coming out with great shapes both in-store and at events like She & Him (see recent posts for more from Baholi). The skin is "Poppy" from Aeva, also a new release that you can try in-store (a version is now on sale for a limited time at the Outlet). Clothing includes sale items from 22769 found at The Gallery Gift Shop, Liv-Glam's texture-change dress gift from Black Fair and BSD Design Studio's special edition shoes for the same event (ends tomorrow I think so go check it out) and a newish release from ArisAris.

Ravi is wearing the "The Raaf", a new release from (Red)Sand, which is a bit raffish or rakish if you prefer, sort of like Ravi himself, paired with a shape from Shape it Up! (store temporarily closed - contact the designer if interested). His clothing is from the August Mens Dept + a nice shirt from American Bazaar.

  • Couch: Bauwerk - The Chesterfield White (New Release, MESH)
  • Lamp: Bauwerk - Black and White Floor Lamp (New Release, MESH)
  • Coffee table/Decor items: Bauwerk - Monochrome Couch Table with Decoration (New Release, MESH)
  • Rug: Hate This - Rug brocade dark (New Release, MESH)
  • Mirror: Circa - "Illusions" Round Wall Mirror White with Lights (New Release)
  • Vase: Axos - "Storto" Vase (1l, Around the Grid Hunt #58 until Oct 15, MESH, gift includes other items)
  • Build: Designer Prims - Romantic Loft Space (99l on Marketplace, MESH)
Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Around the Grid Hunt - Dare 2 Bare Hunt - Homestuff Hunt - Ultimate Menstuff Hunt


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