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It's been a while since I've featured a build on here, so it's nice to showcase the house (and some more of the furniture) we've used for our recent fashion shots. For more views of the house and furniture, including other Homestuff gifts, see Astrid's posts here and here.

The Romantic Loft Space by Designer Prims is all Mesh with a land impact of just 28 prims including the removable room divider bookcase. Like all Designer Prim builds, it features texture-change walls and floors and in this case full-length windows running the entire frontage with shutters that can be turned on or off by clicking a switch. There are two large living areas, an exterior deck and, as you might guess, the light is great. The house is designed for small lots but is still quite roomy and would also work fine as a skyloft.   

Designer Prims doesn't have an in-world presence now, but you can find the house on marketplace for just 99l.

  • Chair/Table/Vases: Circa - Illusions Vanity Set (New Release, also includes Wall Mirror)
  • Bed/Clothing Rack: Follow US: Stay in Bed Black and White (New Release, MESH)
  • Rug: Hate This - Rug brocade dark (New Release, MESH)
  • Pouf - Bauwerk - Leather Stool White (New Release, MESH)
  • End Tables: DIGS - Amaris End Table (Mad Pea - Room 326 Hunt Gift until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Vase: Bauwerk - Segmented Vase with Branches (New release, MESH)
  • Wall Light: bbqq - Stars lamp (Not Free, MESH)
  • Art: Bauwerk - We Are The Robots Red (Available at the Liason Collaborative Garden Event until Sep 10, MESH, 70l)
  • Food Tray: Follow US - Tray Asia box (Previous Group Gift, different version now available as group gift)
  • Clock: MudHoney - Miles Clock (50l in Gacha at 24 Event until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Mickey Mouse: Bayview Market - McMouse Mouse with Resizer (Previous Hunt Gift)
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