The Nest's annual Easter Egg hunt started today and there are some wonderful gifts to be had from select stores on SL's leading home & decor shopping sim. The eggs are hidden throughout the sim, on rooftops and in attics, or scattered in the fields, but they are easily found and there are many of them - most of the participants have put out multiple gifts.

My favorite has to be the incredibly cute "Eggie" set of mesh figurines from What Next, which range from the dapper Mister Egg to a Geek in goggle glasses or moody Little Miss Monday, who perfectly expresses the Monday-morning blues (there are actually 6 figures to be found - I'll be going back for my missing egg).

I'll have more on the avi I'm using here in a later post (and more decor as well), but a few eggs seemed a good way to kick off a Saturday morning.
I am the Eggman
A half dozen
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