Two Bears

When I saw that Naminoke was offering a Mesh avi in the Spring is Near Hunt I rushed out to get it. The avi is like a large stuffed doll, held together by rough seams and features a side pocket for carrying a cub. With it's mixture of man and beast it manages to be both cute and odd, but definitely striking.

Wearing it, I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood authors, Maurice Sendak, because it makes you feel like one of the wild things. I mentioned this to my friend Sidney Bluestar of Sup Poses and she was happy to oblige me with two custom Sendak inspired poses that perfectly captured how I felt in Naminoke's nuigurumar. Check out her store for cool poses at great prices.

Spring is Near is taking place in and around the Acid Lily gallery and has a number of nice gifts (5l for this hunt) that can be seen on the hunt website.
Bears in Arms
  • Complete Avi: Naminoke - Nuigurumar (5l, Spring is Near Hunt #4 until April 9th, MESH, includes female shape)
  • Wall Decal: Dazzling Designs - Tree Decal (75l on Marketplace, includes 3 textures)
  • Poses: Sup Poses - Bear 1, Bear 2 (Custom Poses not currently available for sale)
 Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Spring is Near Hunt


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