Baffled Pt.2

Here are a few more pics with the build I used in my last post from Baffle (see Pt. 1 here). The store is now closed, but I hope some of you got to check it out and found some nice things at the closing sale.

I've used quite a lot of decor items in this post, some from the Antique Grid Show Hunt (see my previous post for more) - an easy hunt to do with some very nice gifts. I also want to thank Plato Novo of %Percent for lending me her newish enamel cabinets (the set has been released over the last few months). These would undoubtedly look great in lots of builds, both retro and modern.

The Peacock
  • Skybox: Baffle - Le Petit Reve (Not Currently Available)
A Table
  • Pose: Nani - Bare 6 (5l for 6 poses)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Antique Grid ShowMr. Hunter


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