Little Warehouse Pt.2

Following up my previous post, here are a few more fashion shots and images of the decor I've used in Bauwerk's Little Warehouse skybox for this month's Challenge round.

Some general words on the build: it's Mesh (land impact of 44 prims) and features high ceilings, exposed ventilation ducting and monumental florescent style lighting that is fully and individually controllable via a central panel. Notably the intensity of each fixture can be set so you don't overpower the space with light, as is often the case. The build also makes use of large skylights and full length windows to bring quite a lot of natural light into the box. It works nicely as a lofty home/office space as I've done, but I can also see it being used in a role play setting.

The fashion here is again from this month's Mens Dept, + a new release from Apple May and a special thanks to the creators at (Red)Sand for providing their excellent Hooligan skin, which I'll undoubtedly show again. Oh, and all poses in this and my previous post from Saal Body. Thanks Alon!

  • Couch, Coffee Table, Decor Items: End of Daze - Oak Set (Not Free, MESH)
  • Rug: Bazar - Deluxe Carpet (25l)
  • Chairs: Little House of Curios - Factory Side Chair (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 100l, MESH)
  • Books: 22769/Bauwerk - Decorative Art Books 2 stack (90l, Mesh, includes various versions)
  •  Build: Bauwerk - The Little Warehouse Skybox (The Challenge "Industrial" Release, 259l, Mesh)


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