Get the red out

It's been a brutal day in the office and your boss has you seeing red, so take off that tie, show some skin and start the weekend with a bang.


Shirt & Vest (includes color/texture change prim tie and collar): Young Urban - Roylan Vest (50l today only for 50l Friday)

Glasses: Magi Take - plain glasses black (10l)

Hair: Chichikie - Christopher (not free)


Red Suit: cero style (dare2bare hunt gift, available through May 31)

Shirt: Ginger's Goodies - sexy fishnet top (dare2bare hunt gift, available through May 31)

Glasses: Carina - Megane Mayo 06 (old lucky chair item, price unknown)

Necklace: grasp - Skull necklace (group gift, Attention: joiner fee)

Hat: Kari - Rude Boy Hat (50l)

And why not stick with the theme while relaxing on Saturday. Go check out new men's store happyend and pick up their Wine Sweater group gift, available free through May 25.

Sweater/shirt: happyend - Wine sweater (limited time group gift available only till May 25)

Hair: Chichikie - Aaron cap (not free)

Note: Originally published May 19, 2011


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