Rotten Defiance

Rotten Defiance has started a mega weekend sale through Sunday night with nearly the entire store marked down to 25l. Lots of cool stuff to loosen the purse strings...

Complete outfit: Rotten Defiance - Male Marionette (25l)

Sneakers: LiNe - Comfort sneakers black (not free)

Skin: JP:DSG - Javis Male/ K.O. (group gift)

Hair: booN - NMR 122 hair blueblack (group gift)

Pose: Creative Insanity - Puppetpose (free)

...and if spending lindens has you strung out, look for the free gifts in the little skulls throughout the store.

Shirt: Rotten Defiance - Black Plaid Shirt (25L)

Pants: Rotten Defiance - Heroin addict pants (25l, includes tank top and drug paraphernalia)

Pose: City of Dis - Tao 2 (old gift from the Stash Bash 2 hunt)


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