Sunday Best

Sunday is a day for looking your best and Black Cat Bones is here to help. With their recent store move, BCB marked a number of items down to zero, including the F.T.W. for men (and some women's outfits). In an exclusive for Fashion + Freebies, store owner Voodoo Xue has just extended the freebie promotion through midnight today.

The F.T.W. includes two variations on the shirt, pants and kilt, plus a handy tool belt with hatchet, useful for getting things done around the house.

Entire Outfit: Black Cat Bones - F.T.W. (Free only for today)

Hair: Dura- April group gift (black)

BCB also has a bunch of hunt gifts out. Shown below is the Butcher from the Macabre Hunt, complete with mask, apron and machete, available through June 4.

Entire Outfit: Black Cat Bones - The Butcher (Macabre Hunt gift, available till June 4th)

Hair: Dura- April group gift (black)

Note: Voodoo Xue tells me that his Zombie Killer Hunt gifts at BCB and his Random Atrocities store both include outfits for men.

Note: Originally published May 22, 2011


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