When the boss says to go to the mattresses you don't start cracking wise. I just had the time to grab some essentials: my favorite leather jacket, pajama pants, Latreia sneakers...and my glock.

Jacket: Luna:::Sabia - Leather Jacket (50l)

Tank Top: Sf Design - Plain White Muscle T (previous Monday Mania sale item)

Pants: Static Clothing Co. - Pyjama Pants (Summer Nights Hunt #4, free until June 3rd)

Hat: {theosophy} - Waterbeck Hat, Ink (not free)

Glasses: B&G - Gafas CK003 - Negro (old gift from ISSD Birthday Hunt, previously blogged)

Shoes: Latreia - Kicks Bl/Wh (store promotion, see note at end of post)

Skin: diavolicious - Summer Male Skin (Summer Nights Hunt #32, free until June 3rd)

Skybox: Tampon Inside- Urban Skybox (1l on marketplace)

After a week of pizza and pinochle in a stinking rat hole, we got the all clear. I badly needed a shave and some fresh air, but it ain't easy shaving with a clogged sink and a Contadina can for a mirror.

Watch: Kurenai Mode - LF-Shock Wristwatch (Free)

Shaving animation: X-Clusives Animations - Guy Shaving (His Style Hunt #2, free until May 31)

Cleaned up, I threw on some new threads and stepped onto the Asbury Park boardwalk... You'll forget I said that if you know what's good for ya... It felt freaking great to be alive, but I wasn't taking any chances.

Shirt: Shiki Designs - Hawaiian Shirt- Kauai (May group gift)

Pants & Hat: Ydea - Mel (Free, complete outfit also includes a shirt)

Shoes: Latreia - Emo TChanger (not free, see note at end of post)

Glasses: Role Optic - Jerry (free)

Other: Glock Leg holster (marketplace item)

Note: Latreia owner Hera Aviatik tells me she likes to give stuff away. And she is doing just that now until June 5th to mark the opening of her casual footwear store. Go to Latreia, pick anything in the store (with the exception of a few items, such as the texture changers) drop an NC in the store mail box with your selection and avi name and she will deliver a free pair of shoes to you.

Note: Originally published May 24, 2011


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