With August drawing to a close, there are just a few days left for Vintage Fair (ends Aug 29), where you will find three sims with 100s of shops showcasing new releases with a "vintage" twist (along with the occasional gift). I love to see the pose props/poses released at these events and Vintage Fair is full of new items from the posemakers. One of the best is "Escher" from Bent, which has 22 cool, artsy poses in a surreal, multi-level white structure that reminds me of a classic Calvin Klein fragrance ad.

The post also features two new skin releases. Ezra is another in a series of great skins from Heartsick available at Vintage Fair and I imagine in-store after the event. Essences' new skin Dinu is on-sale at Mens Dept for the super low price of 85l (Essences is also gifting a tone from this skin in the Menstuff hunt).
Ezra by Heartsick
Dinu by Essences
  • Complete outfit: SF Design - Tyler Outfit (Menstuff #72 until Sep 3, includes multiple tie options)
  • Shoes: Avatar Bizarre - Zoot Suit Wingtip Shoe (Menstuff #42 until Sep 3, includes complete outfit)

Pose Prop/Poses: Bent - Escher (Vintage Fair Exclusive Release)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Menstuff


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