Autumn Posing

I wanted to feature Aeva's Elijah skin from my previous post again, this time with some more seasonal looks as I leave Summer behind. It's tough finding good skin gifts for men, so don't miss this one, particularly as it includes all skin tones. Also, if you like the skin, the official release version (i.e. without beard) is now out in the store.

The clothing includes some more Mens Dept items from the September round ending today or tomorrow (never sure I particularly like the Nerd Project sweater and the Love Re Me shoes in this round, but there are lots of other interesting items. Also shown below are a nice hunt gift from American Bazaar and a newish release from HuHu. The poses are from new model sets from HISPose and Saal Body.
Hunt Hints & SLURLS mentioned in this post: Falling into Autumn - The Autumn Effect 


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