We Will Rock You!

My recent posts have had a few items from the Men Only Hunt 3, but here is a whole lot more featuring three dudes who just love to rock. There are lots of great gifts in this hunt - the theme is Rock n Roll this time - and hunters will find pretty much everything they need to create that rock look, whatever their preferred era. Great shapes (I'm showing three here, but there are many more), skins, clothing... I had mentioned that the hunt would be epic - well it truly is. Crank the tunes, stock up on the beverages and do the whole hunt - you'll be glad you did. 
I wanna rock and roll all night
  • Pose Prop/instruments: WetCat - "Rock Ya" (Men Only Hunt 3 until May 31)
  • Pose (right): oOo Studio - Rockstar (1l on Marketplace)
Clash City Rocker

It's Only Rock and Roll
Drummers Rule!
Thank You, Good Night!
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