My last post on Four Walls concentrated on some of the rustic items, the grungy even. This time I wanted to feature the more modern gifts - those with clean lines and often modular in concept. Pieces such as Scarlet Creative's shelving units (the gift includes numerous versions that you can mix and match) or Breno's reading nook (part of a future modular series), work perfectly in Circa's "Infinity Cloud" Glass Studio from the hunt, which has cubed rooms off a main living space,  skylights with metallic highlights and panoramic glass windows (Mesh, 29 land impact). Four Walls goes to the end of the month and previews can be seen on the hunt website.

I'm wearing Diego, the new Mesh head from CheerNo, which is on sale at TDR Fusion until Feb 1. In a sense, with these mesh add-ons, be they heads, breasts, hands, feet or other appendages, the avi itself becomes modular, a base to which components can be added or subtracted at will depending on needs. CheerNo's head is interesting and can give a very realistic effect, but the lack of facial expressions can be a drawback. Some new releases shown below include Mens Dept items, a great shirt from HuHu (available with texture change hud) and an outfit from Apple May Designs, which is marking the opening of its new mens store with everything 50% off just this weekend (and a gift or two, gachas and some really impressive deals).
Big Chair
Cube Forest
Cube Forest

  • Blocks: Lucky #7 - Cubed Wall Pearl (99l at The Gallery Gift Shop until Feb 15, Mesh, includes multiple versions)
  • Wall Art: Hanaya - Pine in Winter (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH)
  • Cabinet, canvases, painter supplies: End of Daze - EOD Shelf (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH)
  • LampVespertine - I live on the moon lamp (10l, Cold Winter Nights Hunt #17 until Feb 15. Gift also includes a skybox)
  • Brillo Boxes: LND Creative Collective - Warhol Brillo Box x 4 (50l)
Infinity Cloud


Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Cold Winter Nights Hunt - Courtyard Hunt - Four Walls


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