John Holmes Skybox Pt. 2

Back in the John Holmes Skybox (see Part 1 for more), here are some scenes of the crew and I killing time between takes (thanks to Beolas Whitfield of Kusshon for the poker table and decor available at Mens Dept or in-store. Also, don't miss the cool incense burner gift from %Percent).

Suntory Time
Full Boat
  • Jacket: Shadow Moon - Mesh Brown Leather Jacket (1l, Get The Newbie Hunt #27 until Jun 30, MESH, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Shirt: Sartoria - BW T shirt DROP Guns (MHOH Minihunt #3 until July 15, also includes shorts blogged here)
  • Glasses: Eclectica - glasses (The Accessory Hunt #57 until Jun 30, Unisex) 
  • Cards, Glasses etc: Kusshon - Gambler Set (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Whiskey Bottle: Ponitee - Santory (Free at SGB Summer Festa until June 30)
House of Cards
  • Jacket/Shirt: Havok - Fresh Leather Jacket W/Tee 2 (150L at Mens Dept until July 1, MESH)
  • Pants: Gizza - Loose Jeans Dark Blue (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, also includes shirt & female gift)
  • Shoes: Fashion Emergency - Slip Ons (85L at Grunge Soul Project, Unisex, Update: Now available in-store)
  • Skin: Akeruka - Nando Full Tan (MHO7 Hunt #60 until Jul 15)
  • Shape: Stunning Shapes - Jeff (Summer Breeze Hunt #54 until Jun 30, also includes a female shape)
  • Hair: Amacci - Samson ~ Onyx (MHO7 Hunt #41)
  • Pose: Stakey - Aimless 02 (MHO7 Hunt #34 until Jul 15, modded, includes 6 poses)

Build: [Deco] - The John Holmes Skybox (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Depraved Summer Love Hunt - Get The Newbie Hunt - Make Him Over 7 - Moolto Sisters Hunt - Summer Breeze Hunt - The Accessory Hunt


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