Rustic Spring Pt.3

This concludes my series with a bit more fashion (mostly from Mens Dept and other sale rooms) and some additional shots of the Designer Prims house gift (See Part 1 & Part 2 for more). Designer Prims actually has two hunts on at the moment and if you are not into hunting, you can also go to the Make Home Over "Hud", which is a sort of gift center, where Designer Prims has a small house gift free for the taking.
Natural Number
  • Lounger: Soul Possessions - Snuggles Lounger (Make Home Over #30 until May 5)
  • Dresser: Boathouse - Natural Number Dresser  (Make Home Over #39 until May 5, includes 2nd Dresser)
  • Mask: Boathouse - Mounted Mask Large (10l)
  • Rug & Plant: Noctis - Butterorange Rug (Make Home Over #45 until May 5, includes complete furniture set)
  • Vases: Axo's - Maya Vases (1l, Mexico A Go Go Hunt #42 until May 5)
  • Plant (upper shelf): XED Design - Spider Plant (Make Home Over #50 until May 5)
  • Shirt: Sleepy Eddy - Cleric B.D. Shirt Coral (120l at Mens Dept until May 1, available in 6 colors)
  • Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - Colts 1.0 (80l at Fitting Room until May 1, MESH & Texture Change)
  • Pose: Adorkable Poses - 9 of 25 (15l)
American Boys
  • ShirtHavok - Salute Tank XS (150l at Mens Dept until May 1, MESH & includes multiple sizes)
  • BriefsLazybum - Starry Briefs (Not Free)
  • SkinRed(Sand) - Gift Nr6 (New Group Gift)
  • ShapeMaverick Design - Player Shape (Not Free)
  • Hair: Pocket Mirrors - Matteo 2 Dark Brown (70l at the Fitting Room until May 1, includes 4 tones)
Pose Prop:
  • Diesel Works - Bat (Free)

Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Make Home Over Hunt -- Mexico A Go Go Hunt


ellecrescendo said...

Thank you so much Ravi, you make the house come to life with your beautiful use of colour :)

Ravi Shelter said...

Thanks for the compliments Elle and for checking out the posts.

This is a really nice gift (I need to go back and find your other hunt gift). It was fun trying to decorate the house a bit and play with the light & colours in some of the photos. Your builds are just perfect for fashion shots.

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