Venice Visit

Something about the horrible weather where I am in Europe, the constant wind and rain, made me think it would be nice to be in Italy right now. Of course, Italy is probably just as bad in January, but thanks to SL, a visit to some friends in sunny Venice was easily arranged.

  • Sweater/shirt & scarfSartoria - WS Sweater Klaus (Free, also available in red)
  • Pants: Drop - Slacks Black 1 (60l at Men's Select)
  • ShoesFA Creations - Casual Shoe Black (For Whatever Hunt #73, gift includes complete outfit)
  • Watch: GBTM - GBTM Digital (Moolto Sisters Hunt Gift until Jan 15)
  • Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K-GS Garet 1.01 (Not Free)
  • Hair: Ava-Tare - Shivan Black (Moolto Sisters Hunt Gift until Jan 15, includes female hair gift)
  • SkinLavie - Echo "Christmas Lovin"  (Moolto Sisters Hunt Gift until Jan 15, includes female skin gift)
  • Shape: Anatomy - Famous Couples Collection- Romeo  (For Whatever Hunt #67 until Jan 31, gift includes a female shape)
  • Rose: El Patio - Red Rose (10l on marketplace)
  • Pose (left)PDA - Endless (not currently available)
  • Pose (upper right): ZZang - Lavanda XMAS Boy 003B (not currently available)
  • Pose (lower right): Purple Poses - M-38 (Poppin' Penguin Hunt #35 until Feb 1, gift includes 10 poses)
LocationVenice Passion

Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  For Whatever Hunt -- Moolto Sisters Hunt -- Poppin' Penguin Hunt


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