No real theme to this post, just some things I felt like showing. Note that some of the items here are from hunts ending this weekend (Moolto, Depraved & Desolate Winter). See my previous post for comments on Moolto and other items from that hunt. Also thanks to Andessa Andel of Red.Ley for letting me try some of her shapes, which are available for sale on marketplace.

  • SweaterNV - Pea Coat Winter Red (Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt #52 until Jan 15th, Unisex)
  • PantsPumpkin - Loose Jeans G (Lucky Board Gift, Mesh - includes female sizing)
  • ShoesKookie - Snugs Smoked Grey (Subscriber gift, includes multiple colors)
  • Monocle: Casuka - Monocle "Merith" Hunt Edition Gold (For Whatever Hunt #78 until Jan 31, includes 2 versions)
  • Hair: Mint - Marc Hair Majestic (December Group Gift)
  • Facial HairNajl Designs - Facial Hair Tattoo "Nash" (no longer available)
  • SkinAkeruka - Kal Goatie 3 Pale H (Moolto Sisters Hunt Gift until Jan 15, includes female skin)
  • Shape: Happy.Face - Sparx Shape (A) (Free) 
  • Pose (left)Lyndz Matic - What? (1l)

  • Sweater2byte - Indian cardigan (not free)
  • Shirt: Indi Designs - Tee Eggshell (Group Gift, includes 2 colors)
  • PantsEstravaganza - Denim Jeans Tight (Moolto Sisters Hunt Gift until Jan 15, Unisex- Note: May no longer be available)
  • ShoesRS - Leather Boots Blue (New Year, New You Hunt Men Path #30 until Jan 31, female gift also available)
  • Belt: Vero Modero - Casual Leather Belt (Moolto Sisters Hunt Gift until Jan 15, includes full outfit)
  • Necklace: [Y] Style - Phoenix Necklace (Group Gift, includes matching earrings)
  • Hair: Kmadd - Logan - Club Black 1 (Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt #1 until Jan 15th)
  • SkinHeartsick - HS Luca 6 Soul Patch (Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt #55 until Jan 15th, gift includes multiple skin tones & male shapes. Also female gift with multiple skins & shapes.)
  • Shape: Red.Ley - Petrecky (Not free)
  • Pose (right)Frozen - Male Poses 07  (80l for 5 poses at XYroom)

  • Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt --  For Whatever Hunt --  Moolto Sisters Hunt -- New Year, New You Hunt


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