Three the easy way

Here are three casual looks with lots of things from Hunting 9 (ends October 9th), which is a must: there are only 9 stores, they are all great and the gifts are high quality (get the required hud from any participating store and don't forget the bonus prize when you have completed the hunt).

The skin (essences) & shape (census by Eden Knoller) were both found at the Free*Style 4.44.444 event (ends Oct. 14). Neither of these creators currently has an in-world store so check them out there or on marketplace. Lots of amazing deals at 4l or 44l at this event, primarily for women, but a few good things for men too. Some other sale items shown below are from Gabriel (50-70% sale on selected items), Waffle (entire store on sale for 10l) and Glasiz (50% off everything).

  • Sweater: Gabriel - Loose Highneck Sweater Gray (120l sale price, includes longer version) 
  • Shorts & Leggings: Drop - Knit Pants Brown (Lucky Board gift)
  • Shoes: E-Clipse - Discohunt Male Slips (Disco Hunt #37 available until Oct. 15, gift includes complete outfit for women--Hunt hints)
  • Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - Rewey Goggles (Hunting 9 until Oct. 9, MESH)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma - Rage Silver (Hunting 9 until Oct. 9, gift includes complete fatpack & women's sizing)
  • Pose (left): Estetica - Long Day (not free)
  • Pose (right): Estetica - Say What? (not free)
  • Vest: grasp - Patch Shirt + Hood (Hunting 9 Special Prize until Oct. 9, gift includes leather bag and women's size)
  • Shirtgrasp - Graphixx Tank (Hunting 9 until Oct. 9, includes women's size)
  • Pants: Legal Insanity - Unisex Red Pants (October group gift, includes sweater and women's sizing)
  • Boots: Zibska - Aeron Boots (I Need New Hunt #52 available until Oct. 30, female--Hunt hints)
  • Necklace: Bedlam - Musical Dogtags Necklace (Subscriber Gift)
  • Bracelet: JD DesignArmband Men Black (Disco Hunt #22 available until Oct. 15, gift includes necklace--Hunt hints
  • Glasses: Glasiz - Love Keith Haring (45l sale price, entire store 50% off)
  • Tattoo: Waffle - Tristar Neck Tattoo (10l, entire store on sale for 10l)
  • Hair: Audacity  - Disco 2 (Disco Hunt #17 until Oct.15, complete fatpack includes female sizing--Hunt hints)
  • Pose (Left): Glitterati - Beauty 04 (44l for 5 poses only at Free Style event until Oct. 14)
  • Pose (Right): Avante - Swimwear 05 (not free)

Skin & Shape for all Pictures

  • Skin: Essences - Chuck Skin (44l only at Free Style event until Oct. 14)
  • Shape: Census - The Syncophant (44l only at Free Style event until Oct. 14)


Eden Knoller said...

Nice!! Thank you for blogging my shape and also the 4.44.444 event. We did end up with a lot of female items but Im glad you found some things that worked for you!

Ravi Shelter said...

Thanks Eden...It's a really great shape at a great price! Jeremiah would be proud...make some more men's shapes and I'll keep blogging them.

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