My Windmill

My friend Shali Manx is one of the biggest Scarlet Creative fans on the grid. When she heard that Scarlet Creative was putting a windmill into Collabor88 at a discounted price she couldn't wait to buy it and start decorating with some of her favorite objects. This is the result and I think she did a fabulous job, both with the decorating and the photos, many of which are by her. I especially love how she has integrated the windmill into the rugged setting of her land, standing watch on a hill overlooking  the water down below.

The windmill is mesh (land impact 106 prims), fully mod and fits on a small lot. There are two main living areas at ground level and an upper room in the tower with access via a wooden ladder, which Shali has fitted out here as a bathroom. The build would function well as a guest home or even as an architectural feature in the landscape. A scale model can be seen at Collabor88 (not sure if a full-sized demo is available) where the windmill is on sale at 488l until the end of the month (more pictures can be seen on Scarlet Creative's website).


Sui Mode said...

Hello Ravi ,

Congrats for perfect post &photos .


Ravi Shelter said...

Thanks so much Sui...Shali did most of the heavy lifting here. I just did some of the photos and the layout + the intro. Now if I can convince her to become a full-time decor blogger, maybe you can list her on your directory? lol

Chalice Carling said...

Looks amazing.

Ravi Shelter said...

Hi Chalice, thanks very much...glad you like it.

colleen said...

Very nice !

Ravi Shelter said...

Cheers...thanks very much Colleen.

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