Stash Bash - A Few More Tokes

With the Stash Bash hunt ending today, it was time to fire up my hippie avi and head to the greenhouse to check on my stash. The plants were doing fine, but a little personal quality control was obviously required...or maybe a lot of quality control. I can't really remember. Now if I could only find that hose...

See my previous post for more gifts from this hunt (hints & slurls are in group notices).
Captain Fantastic
Loungewear for the Discriminating Hippie
  • Complete Outfit & Shoes: Has Been - Maryjane PJs/House Shoes (Stash Bash #9, includes female gift)
  • Pose: Exposeur - Oh Boy 1 (75L at Mens Dept until June 1, includes 5 poses)
  • Chair: Zigana - Stool Green (100l at Culture Shock)
  • Rug: Zigana - Rug (Culture Shock exclusive Release, 100l, Texture Change)
Where did I put that hose?

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Mr Hunter -- Stash Bash (join group for hints)


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