Menswear Fashion Week Pt.2

A few new releases from Halcali & Egoisme that can be seen at Menswear Fashion Week (ending today). See Pt. 1 for more from MWFW including special gifts only available at the event.

  • Jacket & pantsHalcali - Antique Jacket Beige & Leather Pants Black (New Release)
  • Shirt: Egoisme - EHC Bi-Laces Tank Shirt (New Release, part of complete outfit)
  • Shoes: Out of the Trunk - Male Shoe (Mean Green Hunt #24 until Mar 31, gift also includes complete male & female outfits)
  • Collar: Bubble - Ritual Posture Collar (Twisted Hunt Arcane #149 until Mar 31)
  • Mask: Bliensen + MaiTai - Lace Mask 2 Rainy (Twisted Hunt Arcane #130 until Mar 31, includes multiple masks & blindfold)
  • Skin: Shiva - Men LB101 (New Lucky Board Gift)
  • Shape: Heaven & Earth Stephano (10l, includes female shape)
  • Hair: Raw House - Wolf DkBlonde 01 (Previous group gift, Not Free)
  • Pose (left)Amato - Koakuma Pose 03 (Previous Hunt Gift)
  • Pose (right)oOo Studio - Sexpot 3 (Group Gift includes 10 poses. Attn: 100l joiner fee)

BuildAkebono - Castle Rose Thorns (Beauty & The Freak Hunt Gift. Note: Hunt is over but gift still available at time of publication. Check Hint Giver at location)

Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Depraved Spring Madness 2.0 -- Mean Green Hunt -- Twisted Hunt


Shadow Stripe Suits said...

Nice illustration of your designs, But don't you have a real model? A handsome man can do so, so that it would be more realistic.

Ravi Shelter said...

These are all Second Life designs, so the models are all virtual. Some are even handsome. Thanks for your comment.

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