Back to Black

The Back to Black Event got underway this weekend with many of the grid's best designers showcasing new releases or specially created items. Organized by the team from Chic Management, Back to Black aims to raise awareness of various mental health issues, which impacts just about everyone at some point in their lives. The event has a number of major themes including courage, determination, serenity and hope. My personal message is that even in the darkest moments there is always hope.

CheerNo has three special outfits for the event that I think you will like. This is the first that I'm showing with a skin & shape from the Amitomo closing sale.

Flying Hope
  • Complete Outfit: CheerNo - Fight Sky (Back to Black Event)
  • Shoes: B[elle]issima - TEKboots (Group Gift, Unisex & Texture Change. Attn: 25l joiner fee)
  • Pose: Fly Lily! - Flying Hope (Back to Black Event)
LocationArt Screamer Exhibit (Thanks to Miyoko who did an awesome picture of this location and inspired me to check it out)


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