Four Walls

For the decor fans there are really some amazing hunts at the moment. The Four Walls hunt brings SL's top designers offering up some excellent gifts that should fit well with your design schemes. Gifts cost 20l so you need to choose wisely. There are too many standouts to name them all, but some of my favorites shown below include a great dresser from Pilot, a cool lamp from Vespertine (one of three), Cheeky Pea's hockey items and a fun guitar prop/chair from Zinnias.

Two other furniture hunt options now underway are the Courtyard Hunt (Free) and Cold Winter Nights (10l) You can see previews of almost all the gifts on the various hunt websites. 

The avi shown below is from Peau and can be found for the super low price of 55l at this weeks Fi* Friday (ends sometime Wednesday).
Easy as ABC
Body Check
Guitar Picker
Should have paid my cable bill...
  • Couch, Rug, TV, Sidetable & Decor: The Strawberry Box - Harrington Sofa Set (20l, Four Walls Hunt until January 31)
  • Turntable, album, lamp: Zen Creations  - Retro Corner Set (The Courtyard Hunt #13 until Jan 31, set also includes a rug, chair & headphones)
  • Coffee Table: Prime - Courtyard hunt pallet table (The Courtyard Hunt #9 until Jan 31, also includes a rug and floor pillows)
  • Hatstand: Pestique -  Hallway Hatstand (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, also includes a sidetable)
  • Posters: Ionic - Indie posters (Group Gift)
Mary Teresa Skybox
Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Cold Winter Nights Hunt - Courtyard Hunt - Four Walls


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