Stash Bash - A Few More Tokes

With the Stash Bash hunt ending today, it was time to fire up my hippie avi and head to the greenhouse to check on my stash. The plants were doing fine, but a little personal quality control was obviously required...or maybe a lot of quality control. I can't really remember. Now if I could only find that hose...

See my previous post for more gifts from this hunt (hints & slurls are in group notices).
Captain Fantastic
Loungewear for the Discriminating Hippie
  • Complete Outfit & Shoes: Has Been - Maryjane PJs/House Shoes (Stash Bash #9, includes female gift)
  • Pose: Exposeur - Oh Boy 1 (75L at Mens Dept until June 1, includes 5 poses)
  • Chair: Zigana - Stool Green (100l at Culture Shock)
  • Rug: Zigana - Rug (Culture Shock exclusive Release, 100l, Texture Change)
Where did I put that hose?

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Mr Hunter -- Stash Bash (join group for hints)

Circles of Light

This follows my previous post on Culture Shock (belatedly I know, computer problems kept me offline) with more from Sparrowtree Studios' CS releases as well as some furniture and props you can get at CS. Sparrowtree's sets work with multiple avis (or mannequins), come with great poses and make for some excellent pics.

The Mens Dept has a new round going until June 1. Like last time, the collection is truly impressive, but one of the stand-outs is definitely the full mesh outfit from Pumpkin. At 99l it is a must buy for that artsy, hipster look. The avi is the same combination I used in my earlier CS post from Akeruka & Kmadd
Art Dummies
  • Complete Outfit: Pumpkin - Outfit Leather M (99L at Mens Dept until June 1, MESH, includes multiple sizes)
  • Scarf: Teefy - Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Plum Ombre (100L  at Mens Dept until June 1, MESH, includes multiple versions) 
  • Shoes: Balaclava! - Pause Loafers (Free at Mens Dept until June 1, Buy the Demo)
  • Glasses: Bastard - MESH BC Frames/Green (1l, MESH, includes multiple frames)
  • Hair: Ink - Blank Black (Group Gift, includes multiple tones)
  • Beard: Jomo - Beard 01 (Gaystuff Hud Group Gift)
  • Pose & Pose Set: Sparrowtree Studios Poses - Platforms (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 9 poses)
  • Mannequin: Art Dummy! - As a Mannequin V.2 (100l at Culture Shock or in Store)
  • Hats & Ties: PurpleMoon - Tangorize Me (Culture Shock Exclusive Release,also includes cuffs)
Atomic Butterly
Boxes of Light
Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: WGD Nightstalker Hunt

Culture Shock

Culture Shock started this weekend and its a fantastic event for new releases in women's fashion, furniture and poses. There are also some menswear designers - A:S:S and its incredibly detailed Etienne outfit is one of the standouts. Every designer has at least one exclusive release with sales going in whole or in  part to benefit Medecins Sans Frontieres. Some of the designers have put out gifts, primarily for women, but this is a charity event so bring some lindens and get yourself something nice.

The furniture here is a beautiful Mesh set by HANDverk, directly inspired by Marcel Breur and the Bauhaus. The tea set is a gift from Handverk at the event and for more on the design see HANDverk's blog.

I'm using a pose set here from Sparrowtree Studios Poses, called Circles of Light. I didn't expect to see so many great offerings from posemakers at this event. After all, Pose Fair just ended, but the poses are really outstanding at Culture Shock. Sparrowtree has two exclusive sets released for the event and I'll show more of them in my next post.
Cultures Colliding
  • Complete Outfit: A:S:S Decades - Etienne (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • RingHANDverk - Wassily Ring Red/Silver (Culture Shock Release, includes complete jewelry set & also available in black)
  • Skin: Akeruka - Antonio Skin Shaved Pale (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • Shape: Kmadd - Premium Shape Seneca (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • Hair: Kmadd - Seneca Black IV (Included with Seneca shape at Culture Shock, also available at Ashraya Project)
  • Pose & phone: Estetica - Snap Happy 5 (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 10 poses)
  • Pose SetSparrowtree Studios Poses - Circles of Light (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 9 poses)
Discovery Channel
  • Shirt: A:S:S Decades -  Oscar Shirt (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes texture change gem on collar)
  • Lapel Pin: A:S:S Decades - Farfalla (85l at Culture Shock)
  • Earrings & PiercingsCollisions - Unheimlich Ear Loops & Chain/ Facial Pierings (WGD Nightstalker hunt #13, Unisex and includes multiple piercings and earrings)
  • HairbaseKmadd - Black Hairbase Stripe 2 (Culture Shock Exclusive, included with shape)
Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: WGD Nightstalker Hunt
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