Tomorrow is the end of the Femboy hunt and I couldn't let the occasion go by without whipping up a little something delicious. Aeva has a great skin/shape combo in the hunt (includes all tones), which is perfect for showing your more feminine side, although I suspect the skin would work well with other shapes. I'm wearing the A:S:S: gift from the hunt, which would probably, ahem, look equally good on women and the hair is a "survey" gift from Chichikee! (includes multiple tones and female hair as well). To get the hair gift, all you have to do is answer a few questions from the survey machine located in-store. It takes a minute and is well worth it. Update: Chichikee! owner Chiana Meredith had actually just removed the survey from her store, but will put it back out only through the weekend  - so show her some love guys.

Four Walls and a host of other hunts also end tomorrow. If you haven't gotten Sway's gift yet, take a break from shopping and treat yourself to a cupcake.
Delicious Trap
  • Couch/Pose: Icons of Style - Dafne Sofa Pink (Winter Store Hunt gift until Jan 31, numerous other pose/prop gifts available)
  • Cupcake Tray, Sign, Plate - Sway's - Have a Cupcake (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, Mesh, includes other decor items)
  • Texture: Khan Omizu Textures - In the Pink (40l for 10 textures in "Cherry Blossom" Pack)
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My last post on Four Walls concentrated on some of the rustic items, the grungy even. This time I wanted to feature the more modern gifts - those with clean lines and often modular in concept. Pieces such as Scarlet Creative's shelving units (the gift includes numerous versions that you can mix and match) or Breno's reading nook (part of a future modular series), work perfectly in Circa's "Infinity Cloud" Glass Studio from the hunt, which has cubed rooms off a main living space,  skylights with metallic highlights and panoramic glass windows (Mesh, 29 land impact). Four Walls goes to the end of the month and previews can be seen on the hunt website.

I'm wearing Diego, the new Mesh head from CheerNo, which is on sale at TDR Fusion until Feb 1. In a sense, with these mesh add-ons, be they heads, breasts, hands, feet or other appendages, the avi itself becomes modular, a base to which components can be added or subtracted at will depending on needs. CheerNo's head is interesting and can give a very realistic effect, but the lack of facial expressions can be a drawback. Some new releases shown below include Mens Dept items, a great shirt from HuHu (available with texture change hud) and an outfit from Apple May Designs, which is marking the opening of its new mens store with everything 50% off just this weekend (and a gift or two, gachas and some really impressive deals).
Big Chair
Cube Forest
Cube Forest

  • Blocks: Lucky #7 - Cubed Wall Pearl (99l at The Gallery Gift Shop until Feb 15, Mesh, includes multiple versions)
  • Wall Art: Hanaya - Pine in Winter (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH)
  • Cabinet, canvases, painter supplies: End of Daze - EOD Shelf (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH)
  • LampVespertine - I live on the moon lamp (10l, Cold Winter Nights Hunt #17 until Feb 15. Gift also includes a skybox)
  • Brillo Boxes: LND Creative Collective - Warhol Brillo Box x 4 (50l)
Infinity Cloud


Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Cold Winter Nights Hunt - Courtyard Hunt - Four Walls

Four Walls

For the decor fans there are really some amazing hunts at the moment. The Four Walls hunt brings SL's top designers offering up some excellent gifts that should fit well with your design schemes. Gifts cost 20l so you need to choose wisely. There are too many standouts to name them all, but some of my favorites shown below include a great dresser from Pilot, a cool lamp from Vespertine (one of three), Cheeky Pea's hockey items and a fun guitar prop/chair from Zinnias.

Two other furniture hunt options now underway are the Courtyard Hunt (Free) and Cold Winter Nights (10l) You can see previews of almost all the gifts on the various hunt websites. 

The avi shown below is from Peau and can be found for the super low price of 55l at this weeks Fi* Friday (ends sometime Wednesday).
Easy as ABC
Body Check
Guitar Picker
Should have paid my cable bill...
  • Couch, Rug, TV, Sidetable & Decor: The Strawberry Box - Harrington Sofa Set (20l, Four Walls Hunt until January 31)
  • Turntable, album, lamp: Zen Creations  - Retro Corner Set (The Courtyard Hunt #13 until Jan 31, set also includes a rug, chair & headphones)
  • Coffee Table: Prime - Courtyard hunt pallet table (The Courtyard Hunt #9 until Jan 31, also includes a rug and floor pillows)
  • Hatstand: Pestique -  Hallway Hatstand (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, also includes a sidetable)
  • Posters: Ionic - Indie posters (Group Gift)
Mary Teresa Skybox
Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Cold Winter Nights Hunt - Courtyard Hunt - Four Walls

Big Game

Part 2 of my Africa themed post (see Part 1 here) with some shots outside the lodge in the game preserve. I'll do a final roundup before the end of the month with some more decor & fashion shots featuring the Scarlet Creative build from Part 1.

Male fashions here are from Mens Dept. I particularly like gO's Morten pants and the sweater from Sleepy Eddy in this round, but like every month there are some great items at good prices so don't miss it (ends February 1). Thanks as well to Ruby Vandyke of Rodeo Horse & Farm Animals for providing me with some mod versions of her rideables.
Wild Things
Rains down in Africa
Big Game
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The Lodge

I'm starting a series of posts using a Scarlet Creative build I've wanted to highlight for some time. The Noelle Chalet is a lovely small house featuring an interesting mix of raw wood, exposed beams and glass with a modern twist and available at a great price (50l unfurnished, 199l furnished). Beautifully furnished (I've added only a few pieces, but you really don't need to), the build was designed as a rustic mountain getaway and looks great surrounded by snow, but some of the design elements made me think it could function just as well as a small hunting lodge, perhaps on the plains of Africa.

Note if you are interested in checking out a demo, follow the beacon from the landing point to the teleporter that takes you to Scarlet Creative's discount area. Also the female clothes here are free gifts from the opening of the Zenshi Shopping district. I don't know how much longer they will be available, but if you visit the various stores there you will find many more gifts.
  • Complete Outfit: SF Design - Celebration Tuxedo (Group Gift, includes multiple jacket options. Attn: 100l Joiner Fee)
  • Glasses: Fashion Emergency - Black Glasses (Thugs, Studs & Gentlemen Hunt #16 until Jan 28, MESH)
  • Skin: Belleza - SK Xmas gift (Group Gift, Female Skin Gift also available. Attn: 250l Joiner Fee)
  • Shape: Novus Studios - Jai 1 (Not Free)
  • Hair/Hairbase: Atro Patena - Yancy Brown (Not Free)
  • Pose: Exposeur - Advent Gift 9 (Previous Gift, now available for purchase)
  • Dress: Lush - Lined Up (Free at Zenshi Shopping District, MESH)
  • Shoes: Zibska - Renate Heels (50l Sale Price, Texture Change)
Table d'hôte
  • Light fixture: Circa - "Imbue Orb" Pendant Light Silver (New in 2013 Hunt #15 until Jan 20, gift includes multiple lamps)
  • Table, Chairs, Rezzed Decor - Scarlet Creative (included with Noelle Chalet)
Simple things
Out there, wild things roam...
  • Scarlet Creative - Noelle Chalet (199l Furnished, 50l Unfurnished)
Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: New in 2013 Hunt
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