Xmas Pt.4

Here is the final outfit from my Xmas series (also see Part 2 and Part 3). I've been struggling with another pic for it, but I'll never be satisfied so I think it's time to put the boys to bed.

Hope you guys enjoyed it and had a great holiday.

Trashy Xmas
  • JacketSF Design - Elysium Coat Special Edition (Group & Subscriber Gift, female version included, check group notices)
  • ShirtAliza Karu - Sexy Goth Shirt (Moolto Hunt Gift until Jan. 15, unisex and includes complete outfit )
  • Pants & Belt: Loop  - Momos Pants White (Group Gift, includes color fatpack)
  • ShoesArgyle Anonymous - Holiday Urban Kicks (99L for special Holiday edition, texture change)
  • Tie: Bubble - Emily Tie V3 (Group Gift)
  • Hat: DownDownDown - Christmas Hat B Pink (Lucky Chair Gift)
  • Tattoo (upper): Fashion Emergency - Don't Fuck Me (New Release, 30l)
  • Tattoo (lower): Damned - Xmas Gift Tattoo (A Very Rotten Christmas #14 until Dec. 31)
  • Hair: Bad@zz - Suave Blonde #1 (Recent MOH hunt gift, available for purchase in store)
  • SkinEssences - Claudio Medium (Not free)
  • Shape: Sauce - Captain & Cola - Short & Skinny  (Not Free)
  • Pose (foreground)Lyndz-Matic - Daxe  (1l)
  • Pose (background): Love Me Brutal - Kegalicious (10l on Marketplace, also available in 71l mega pose pack in store. Pose was modded to replace the included kegs w/ trashcans).
  • Trashcans: Urban Spirit (Free)

Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt -- Moolto Sisters Hunt

Merry Xmas Pt.3

Part 3 of my Xmas series with two pics of "Fidel", a great avatar gift from DX Designs. Hope everyone has gotten the presents they wanted. The final photos from the series should be up tomorrow.

Tenement Gnomes
  • Pose (kneeling): PDA - Little Blue House (previously at Collabor88, not currently available)
  • Pose (lying): Hopscotch - Twisted Hunt Gift 5 (Previous gift from the Twisted Hunt)
  • Pose (right): aDORKable Poses - 7 of 25 (15l)
  • Santa Doll: Anymore - Santa (Group Gift)
Fidel is Flash

  • Jacket & Pant CuffsRotten Defiance - Mr. Claus Open Jacket (A Very Rotten Christmas #1 until Dec. 31, includes full outfit with multiple jackets & female outfit)
  • ShirtDragonlady's Closet - Bad Santa Undershirt (Bad Santa Hunt #14 until Dec. 31, also includes boxer shorts & female gift)
  • Pants: Delerium Style  - Dana Pants ( Not free, part of complete outfit )
  • ShoesFear Yourself - Sneakers Street (75l)
  • Necklace: Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Xmas Gift Necklace (Group Gift)
  • Belly Ring: Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Chaos Wheel Belly Ring (CPD Mini Store Hunt #5 until Dec 31)
  • Hat: DemonKitties - Barb Santa Hat (Free on marketplace) 
  • Skin, Shape & Tanline/TattooDX Designs - Fidel (Group Gift)
  • PoseStakey - Papparazi 02  (MENstuff #71 includes 6 poses, hunt is over but gift still available at time of publication
  • Lamp Post & poses: What Next - Holiday Lamp Post (10l, With Love, Again Hunt #45 until Jan 6) 

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt -- Bad Santa Hunt -- MENstuff 3 -- With Love, Again Hunt

Merry Xmas Pt.2

Two more pics from my Xmas series featuring a lovable punk gift for you. More coming later for sure.

Note both this and part 1 have something from Menstuff, which is ending tomorrow. See my earlier posts here and here for many more from this great hunt.

Where is my Xmas Date?

I'm your gift

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt -- Celebrations Hunt -- Diamond is Mine Hunt 3  -- MENstuff 3 -- Moolto Sisters Hunt -- Mr. Hunter

Merry Xmas from the Boys

Merry Xmas from the boys of Posh ! And from me of course. I wanted to give you a little holiday teaser, something you might want to find under your tree.

This the first part of a post that will likely take me the better part of the weekend. Check back tomorrow for more details on the clothes.

Stocking Stuffers
  • Pose (left)Chisa Creation - CC Fosse - M05 (100l for 10 pose pack)
  • Pose (middle left): Olive Juice  - M the Thriller 09 (Seasons Hunt Autumn gift includes 10 poses. Now free in the store - click on the pumpkin)
  • Pose (middle right): Hopscotch - Twisted Hunt Gift 2 (Previous gift from the Twisted Hunt)
  • Pose (Right): Chisa Creation - CC Fosse - M09 (100l for 10 pose pack)

Witchy Bitches
Waiting for Santa
  • JacketSubversion -Houndstooth Jacket (MENstuff #3 until Dec. 25, also includes pants & scarf)
  • ShirtFashion Emergency - Tank Top -Red (35l)
  • Pants: Travisty - Rocker Pants (Lucky Chair gift, includes belt & 5 colors of pants)
  • ShoesGabriel -  Leather Boots (Group gift)
  • Belt: Kristica - Open belt - black  (1l, Candy Cane 3 Hunt  #183 until Dec. 25)
  • Necklace: - Pixlights Factory - Necklace Original Christmas Hunt (Christmas Hunt 2 #37 until Jan. 10)
  • Glasses: Role Optic - Bon 'Dawn' (gift from DIMH 3, hunt is over, but gift still available at time of publication)
  • Hair: Ayashi - New Year - groupgift male (Group Gift)
  • SkinShiva - CH-Men-Skin (Christmas Hunt 2 #20 until January 10, gift also includes male shape & female skin/shape)
  • Shape: Anatomy - Hotte's Guys SL The Cowboy  (35l sale price) Update 1/10/12- check with owner for availability
  • Tattoo:  Fashion Emergency - Sailor Tattoo (New release, 75L)- Update 1/1/12- Now For Whatever Hunt gift #68 from FE available until Jan 31.
  • Pose (foreground)Love Me Brutal - Accused (15l or 64l for 5 poses in Cart Sale 2 pack)
  • Pose (background): Marukin - Daddy I'm so Sorry (1l for 2 poses - in a little box on the shelf)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Candy Cane 3 Hunt -- Christmas Hunt 2 -- Diamond is Mine Hunt 3  -- For Whatever Hunt -- MENstuff 3

Last Call for MO

I wanted to show a few of the outerwear options from the Men Only Hunt before it fades into memory. Both Men Only and Diamond is Mine hunts end this weekend (check my previous posts below or the hunt blogs for previews). Now is the time to get some of the gifts you may have forgotten.

A note on Tellaq's Ronny skin in the first picture: Tellaq doesn't do MMs all that often and when they do the boards lock extremely quickly. Check the store early SL time if you want to slap the board to get this great skin for free.

I got MOjo

Last Call
  • CoatLotus Noir -Duffle Green  (Men Only Hunt #68 until Dec. 17, also includes shirt & jeans)
  • ShirtDucknipple - Peno Yellow Longsleeve (Men Only Hunt #5 until Dec. 17, includes a 2nd shirt)
  • Pants: Dragonlady's Closet - DC Hunter Pants (Mr. Hunter #39 until Dec. 31, also includes shirt & tank top)
  • ShoesTainted Designs -  Heavy boots (MENstuff #101 until Dec. 25, includes complete outfit)
  • Necklace: Collisions - Christmas Wish Necklace (100l during Twisted Krissmuss until Jan. 6)
  • Hair: Colors - Free C Jet Black (Free, includes color fatpack)
  • SkinBelleza - MOH skin (Men Only Hunt #2 until Dec. 17)
  • Shape: Sweet Sin ShapesShape 34  (Men Only Hunt #59 until Dec. 17)
  • Pose (left)Aushka & Co - Ania Pose 08 (not currently available)
  • Pose (right): PDADoledrum (50l for 6 poses in FLF)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 --  Men Only Hunt -- MENstuff 3 -- Mr. Hunter


A quickie post, because its not everyday that Connors has a sale. Everything in the store is marked down to either 50l or 100l as part of their reopening celebration, but only through the weekend.

If you can't make it this weekend, definitely get the Connors unisex gift shown below from the With Love, Again Hunt (10l), which is also a great deal and available all month.

First Snow

Candy Cane Pipe
  • Makeup: Damned - DWinter makeup (Where is ... Hunt #9 until Dec. 31)
  • MouthieAtypical - Candy Cane 2 (50l, texture change and includes 3 versions)
  • Pose: Lyndz -Matic - Cleg_1 (10l or 30l for 8 pose pack)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Candy Cane 3 Hunt -- Happy Feet Hunt -- Men Only Hunt -- MENstuff 3 -- With Love, Again Hunt

Mo' Mens Hunts (bonus)

Just one additional look to round out my previous post. I had a second outfit planned - a green suit by Champagne from the Menstuff 3 Hunt - but I just learned that the store has closed and is obviously no longer in the hunt. Hard to keep up with the changes on the grid sometimes...

The skin below is from Essences (shape by Anatomy). The hair is from ChiChickie and is on sale this weekend for 60l.

Black & Blue

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Men Only Hunt -- MENstuff 3 -- Mr. Hunter

Mo' Mens Hunts

This is truly the holiday season for men's freebies. It's as if all the designers on the grid decided to make up for the lack of male gifts in so many hunts throughout the year.

MENstuff got the ball rolling with its 150 stores (ends Dec 25). Now two new Men's hunts have joined the fray. The Men Only Hunt, organized by Missqwerty Pevensey of American Bazaar in conjunction with Belleza, brings roughly 90 stores with some truly great gifts for men through December 17th. The second new kid on the block is Mr. Hunter, put together by the people from Lash-Ware, with 50 stores running until Dec 31st.

Here are two looks featuring suits for the well dressed hunters out there:

Friend of Magnus
  • SuitGabriel - Tweed Suit (Men Only Hunt #8 until Dec. 17, also includes shirt & scarf)
  • Vest, Shirt, Bowtie, HatDragonlady's Closet - Magnus Clan Vest, Fedora, bowtie (Men Only Hunt #60 until Dec. 17, also includes jacket & pants)
  • Shoes: Hell Bop - HB Wingtip Black (Mr. Hunter #29 until Dec 31, gift also includes pants & shirt)
  • BeltGabriel - Loose Belt Black Unisex (group gift)
  • WatchChaos, Panic & Disorder - Black Friday Men's Watch (1l, Black Friday Hunt #22 until Dec. 25, gift includes women's watch) 
  • Glasses: Void - Glasses V2 (previous group gift)
  • Briefcase: Grumble - Men's Briefcase - (Men Only Hunt #14 until Dec. 17)
  • SkinNajl Designs - MOH Karman (Men Only Hunt #90 until Dec. 17. Update 1/10: store has closed)
  • Shape: Body Doubles - Elixir Modifiable Shape  (MENstuff #108 until Dec. 25)
  • Pose (left)Art Body Store - Man in a Fuckin Cold Day 05 (Men Only Hunt #81 until Dec. 17)
  • Pose (right): Eternal Dream Poses - Menstuff 01 (MENstuff #85 until Dec. 25)

American Bazaar
  • JacketAmerican Bazaar - Black Blazer 2 (Men Only Hunt #1 until Dec. 17, also includes jeans & male shape)
  • ShirtSartoria - Walker (K.V. Christmas Hunt #7 until Dec. 22, gift also includes jeans, vest & hat)
  • T Shirt: Kennedy's - A7X Tank 1 (Men Only Hunt #43 until Dec. 17, gift also includes a biker jacket)
  • Pants: Rotten Defiance - Diamond Suit Pants (DIMH 3 #43 until Dec 18, gift includes complete male & female outfit)
  • Shoes: Serenity in the Sun Designs - Boots  (Men Only Hunt #85 until Dec. 17, gift includes complete outfit)
  • BeltChaos, Panic & Disorder - Wolf's Head Buckle Belt w/ Flask  (Men Only Hunt #40 until Dec. 17)
  • NecklaceJust You Jewels - Necklace Men Snake (Men Only Hunt #3 until Dec. 17)
  • Plugs: Fashion Emergency - Speaker Plugs (Mr. Hunter #27 until Dec 31)
  • Nails: Virtual Insanity - Male Nails (Men Only Hunt #18 until Dec. 17)
  • TattooSS Spearsong - Hellbound Medium 3 (Men Only Hunt #84 until Dec. 17, also includes jeans & T-Shirt)
  • Hat & HairYulicie - Otavio Black (Men Only Hunt #46 until Dec. 17)
  • SkinVero Modero - James.V3 (Men Only Hunt #34 until Dec. 17)
  • Shape: American Bazaar - Shape Chris (Men Only Hunt #1 until Dec. 17, also includes jeans & blazer)
  • Pose (left)Stakey - Troubled 01 (Not Free)
  • Chair: Ancay - Rock Attitude (5l, Rock Attitude Hunt 2 until December 15, includes multiple sits)
Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Black Friday Hunt --  Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 --  K.V. Christmas Hunt -- Men Only Hunt -- MENstuff 3 -- Mr. Hunter
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